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    I like it a lot. :)

    Some possible (maybe) new feature suggestions:

    New Config option, "Do not display friendlies in the warning window"

    New Config option, "Auto add attacking enemies"

    New Config option, "Warning window retention" to configure how many seconds a player shows up in the warning window. Maybe one setting for those on the kos list, and another timeout for all others.

    A button next to the warning window, or a macro to cycle target through everyone in the warning window.
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    I get it now I think. It just hit me. Basically I toss the Ace2Library and all Ace2 libs I am using in a subdir of my mod, and have my .toc load them (just like what I see in the Ace2.toc). I distribute these versioned copies of the lib with my addon. That is what is meant by embedded. I would also do this with SpellStatus.

    Assuming this is correct, I guess my only question left is:

    Do .toc files only come with Ace2GUI-2.0 and Deformat just to show what the lib requirements are for your dependency order in your .toc file? And should I just embed these like the rest?

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    Edit: Skip these questions and go to the next post. If my assumptions are wrong, then read this, otherwise just ignore it. :)

    I've been searching around for info on installs. I found the SVN and all the files under that.

    1. When I need to install a new Ace Lib, like SpellStatus, I am assuming since it didn't come with a .toc file, I need to toss it in the Ace2 directory, and modify the Ace2.toc file to point to SpellStatus. Is this correct? Can I generally assume that if a lib has a .toc file, then it needs to be installed as a separate addon? Deformat, for example, has a .toc file.

    2. I read that Ace2 is embeded, so for things like SpellStatus, is that also automagically embedded once I install it to my Ace2 lib? (As in, I can distribute my mod without worrying about these types of dependencies).

    3. AceGUI-2.0 came in under the Ace2 directory, but has its own .toc file. So should I copy it out to the main addon directory? Or is this whole assumption about .toc files just wrong?

    If you have a wiki document or forum post that isn't coming up in my search, that'd be great.
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    Exactly what I needed! I'll start the gui with Acegui2 and see how it goes, I don't need anything too complex really.

    Thanks Kameril.
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    I'm looking to write a custom mod in the easiest way possible. WoW is a great game, but I want to keep it that. I code enough at work. :-)

    I just started looking at libs, and Ace sounds like something I might want to use.

    I outlined all the functionality needed for my mod, but I'm not sure how much of it falls under which libs. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. This is a short description of the functionality:

    1. UI Tables, Forms, Buttons, Listbox, Checkboxes, tabs, etc
    2. Small database
    3. Get target player data (hp, mana, class, level, PvP flag)
    4. A way to drag and drop a spell on my form.
    5. Info about the spell placed on the form (Cooldown, min/max damage, Rank)
    6. Get target player debuff data cast by you (spell, rank, time remaining)
    7. Get target player debuff data cast by others (spell, rank, time remaining)
    8. Macro definition (just making /commands)

    From what I've seen, 1 and 2 are ACE.

    Some of the info may not be available by the wow client, but I think the ones listed are.

    Also, I'm not looking for examples of every item, just a simple "WoW API" or ACE or whatever fits.

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