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    ObiMount (yes, I did name it after my toon) is a addon that addresses a bug in linking a mount in chat (say, guild, etc.).  This bug does not affect all toons or even all toons in a single account.


    It allows characters/toons that are affected by this bug to link mounts again.  The only 'drawback' is it doesn't but the icon in there, it puts a '?' graphic as my testing with the bug reveals it's the image portion of the mount link that is the major issue.


    Assuming I did everything right (big maybe) to get it released, it should be available soon.

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    posted a message on Timeline for new addons

    I apologize if this is asked elsewhere.


    How long after an addon is approved will it be available for download?  I'm not asking to speed the process along, I'm just curious.



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