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    I published my WoW classic addon 19.04, updated it 23.04, i can see it via site CurseForge when searching by full name (LFG sorter) or "sorter" part.

    But i can't find it on site by "LFG" part and there is no way to find it in CurseForge app. Neither by full name / part of name nor by latest update.


    First question. What am i doing wrong? Why addon is not showing when i use search?

    Second question. How those 66 downloads happened?


    Addon link:



    PS: One more question. Sins this addon is installed on my computer i can see it in "My addons" list (screenshot). But Game version is not showing up. When i look on site, game version is set (second screenshot). May be there is some problem too?


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