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    For xOnyxius or others who might stumble across this thread - this forum doens't appear to be monitored, and isn't the way to contact the addon authors.


    Currently there are several authors actively managing this project via the AdiBags Github here.

    I'd recommend checking that out for updates, queries and requests.

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    Love this addon and it's flexibility.


    Of late I've started wrtiting my own plugins for AdiBags, utilising the published plugins of others as a base for my own custom groupings (as I am not a coder). I've read through all files in the AdiBags core addon, but cannot figure out how to achieve what I want even if I strongly suspect it can be done within the addon as it's currently written.


    I've gotten my plugins working very well, but one thing which would be fantastic for improving outcomes would be the capacity to dispatch my item groupings to a category - even the seven listed here would give huge utility. For example, I have a group for caches & chests which I'd love to sort to the Quest category so they appear towards the front end of my bags.


    I'm struggling to make this work however - I just can't figure out how to dispatch a group of items to a category or section. Currently all my item groupings are dispatched into the same Category and Section based on the outcome of the MatchIDs function, e.g.


    local function MatchIDs_Init(self)


    Result["|cffff0000SL Ores|r"] = AddToSet(idSLMining)


    Refer to the attached image to see how this then looks.


    Is there any way to associate this item match with, for example, move ores to the existing TRADE_GOODS category? This appears to be able to be done using manual filters, but using a custom plugin is just so much better.

    Ideally I'd love to have the flexibility to align any matched grouping of items with both a category and a section, with also the capacity to set up a sort order for sections.


    Naturally, I do not use the 'compact layout' option as this would eliminate the flexibliity I'm looking for.


    If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate the help!


    [Edit: This issue and many others are being addressed actively in AdiBags - please go to the AdiBags GitHub for more info.]


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