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    @Oakshlaran: Added to the wiki page.

    FYI anyone with a GitHub account can update the wiki page -- if you've written a Broker plugin and want it listed there, log into GitHub and edit the page!
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    You don't even need any hooks for that. Just set :SetUserPlaced(true) on the frames, and then the default UI layout code will ignore them.

    TargetFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,"CENTER",21 2,-310)
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    There's no point in listing your libraries in an "embeds.xml" file. That convention came into being to accommodate the original WowAce site backend and updater program, neither of which exist today, and which needed such a file to detect which libraries it should package/install (or not, for "nolib" users) with an addon. In the modern addon ecosystem, the Curse packager gets that information from your addon's ".pkgmeta" file, and the Curse addon updater doesn't use that information at all (the packager already made a separate nolib package, so it just downloads that for nolib users). All an "embeds.xml" file is doing for you today is adding another disk read to your addon's loading time. Just list your libraries directly in your TOC file.

    If you were to use .pkgmeta in the future, you would want to surround the addon file listings in your TOC with @nolib-strip@ and @end-nolib-strip@ lines so the packager knows which lines to remove when it's making a package without embedded libraries. (You'd also want to remove the actual library files from your repository in that case, and let the packager automatically grab up-to-date copies each time it made a package.)

    You should avoid using color codes in your TOC's Title field. They break the standard sorting methods (eg. in the addon list on the character selection screen, and in the in-game addon manager) and it greatly reduces readability when your addon list becomes a rainbow of clashing random colors.

    Some other observations about your Git repository, not your addon:

    - Your .gitattributes file doesn't include anything relevant to the files in your repo, so you should delete it.

    - Your .gitignore file doesn't include anything relevant either, and non-project-specific ignores like OS metadata files are better specified in a global .gitignore file so they apply to all Git repos on your computer, and you don't have to copy and paste the same rules/file into every repo you ever create.
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    Quote from LaoTseu
    Phanx: what third-party packager are you using?

    https://github.com/Phanx/packager which is forked from https://github.com/BigWigsMods/packager which in turn is forked from https://github.com/ultijlam/curseforge-packager
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    Not sure what happened to my email notifications for this thread. :(

    Quote from ned406
    ... the black lines that go around the edges of the grid frames dissapear when the frames are moved, and no matter where I put the frames they are either missing black lines or the aggro border doesnt work properly

    Please read this page, and if you're still having the problem, open a bug ticket (link on that page) with a screenshot so we can look into it further.

    Quote from dannyw2k
    ... when I add a new buff (in this case Spring Blossom or Cultivation) to one of the side indicators using the GridIndicatorExtra Plugin, it also shows the buff in the center where the Raid Debuffs are, regardless of whether or not I turn the Raid Debuffs off and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

    Check your settings for the Center Icon indicator. If the buffs are checked there, uncheck them. If they're not checked there, see if the problem still happens when you disable GridIndicatorExtra (and any other third-party plugins). If it doesn't still happen, you'll need to contact the plugin's author for further help, as we didn't write the plugin and can't provide any support for it.

    If it does happen with no plugins enabled -- your Spring Blossom buff status still appears on the Center Icon indicator even though it's NOT checked under Grid > Indicators > Center Icon -- please follow these instructions, starting with #4, and open a bug ticket so we can look into it further.
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    I turned packaging off again.

    I think we're going to stick with the third-party packager for now. It removes the need to maintain a second copy of the repo on Curse (now we only need to push to GitHub) and also uploads the ZIPs to WoWInterface at the same time.
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    I've deleted all of the existing tags as mentioned in this thread and pushed a new tag; I don't know if this will actually solve anything, though.

    Edit: It looks like pushing the new tag caused all of the existing files to be refreshed. I have no idea how that's possible when there aren't any tags to package, though. Can't we just remove all files and all repository data from the project, and then I create a new repository and push to it without any of the historical baggage that's screwing up the packager?
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    Posting screenshots of random parts of your code are not the same thing as actually posting your code. Nobody can quote parts of a screenshot, or post corrections to a screenshot, without manually re-typing everything while looking at the image. Plus, it's important to post all of your code, not just a few parts -- it may sound harsh, but if you can't the problem yourself, why are you so sure you know exactly where/what the problem is? You can use a pastebin service or just attach the addon files in your forum post.
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    posted a message on Code for when to change color text?
    Without more context, it's hard to provide actually useful code, but here's an extremely specific example that will provide RGB values in the 0-255 range for a color along a gradient given a set of values.

    function GetRedWhiteGradientRGB(value, minValue, maxValue)
        local percent = (value - minValue) / (maxValue - minValue)
        return 255, 255 * percent, 255 * percent
    -- Get the color for 5 relative to the range 0-10:
    local r, g, b = GetRedWhiteGradientRGB(5, 0, 10)
    -- Apply it to your font string:
    myFontString:SetTextColor(r, g, b)
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    A license specifies what you want to let other people do with your code.

    If you don't want other people editing your code, using it to make other plugins, posting it on other websites, or doing anything besides downloading it and running it themselves, choose "All Rights Reserved" -- that's the default status of any code you write, just like it is for any novels, poems, or songs you write, paintings you paint, photos you take, etc. It's technically not a "license" -- it's just a reminder that your code is copyrighted.

    If you don't care what people do with your code/plugin, choose "Public Domain". This is also technically not a license -- it's a statement that you disclaim your copyright.

    If you want something in between, choose the license that best reflects what you want to allow. For some examples, the ISC license basically allows everything, while the BSD license requires that people who use your code to make other plugins have to use the same license (eg. they can't block other people from doing the same thing they did). The Zlib license is similar, but doesn't allow people to publish modified versions of your plugin without making it obvious that they're modified. The GPLv3 is also popular, but more restrictive.

    Remember that you can always change your mind later, so I'd recommend starting with All Rights Reserved (no permissions) and if you decide you want to let other people do stuff with your code later, you can pick a license after you've had more time to learn about the issue.
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    I can translate for a few languages, but before I do (or anyone else does) you should really fix your localization setup. Each phrase should be separate in the localization app. Don't dump all of your strings into a single string with linebreaks, and then split them up in your addon; that just makes extra work for you in addon development and future maintenance, and extra work for translators in the already-cumbersome Curse translation interface.

    Since you don't have any translations yet, you can just use the import function to import a new list of strings, and check the box labelled (something like) "delete all unimported phrases" to remove all the existing mega-strings.
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    posted a message on Need help with party frame spacing
    When you spawn the party headers:

    ...you need to add the relevant attribute(s) to add space between units:

    You'll mostly be interested in the xOffset and/or yOffset attributes.
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    Yes. As I wrote just ~5 posts up in this very thread:

    Quote from Phanx
    Googling "masque blizzard" returns this as the top result:


    It's marked as abandoned, and the last update was in 2014, but the Blizzard action bar/button code hasn't changed substantially, if at all, since then, so it probably still works, and if it doesn't, it shouldn't be hard to fix.
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    posted a message on (yet another) Trying to save frame positions in savedvariables
    1. Create a saved variable for your addon (the linked addon uses SavedVariablesPerCharacter; you probably want to use just SavedVariables so it's account-wide). By default, saved variables have no value, so don't forget to define one when your addon loads.

    2. When your code calls :StopMovingOrSizing() on your frame -- probably inside an OnDragStop or OnMouseUp script, depending on how dragging is handled -- you need to grab the frame's current position and save it into your SV table.

    2b. Depending on how complicated you want to make things, there are other (arguably better) ways to save the position that are more robust and will translate better across screen resolution and UI scale changes.

    3. When your addon loads, check to see if there's saved position info in your SV table and, if there is, move your frame to that position.
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    posted a message on Makeing And ToolTip Item Addon
    It may also help if you clarify what you mean by "tooltip addon". What will your addon actually do? Do you just want tooltips to look different? Do you want to add information to tooltips? Do you want to add extra tooltips? Something else completely?
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