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    posted a message on Approval Process Issue

    Hell with this.


    I migrated everything off to another site and I'll use WowUp to distribute it.


    This is ridiculous.


    Authors drive every bit of the content that CurseForge distributes. Why the FUCK is there no Author support on Friday and Saturday (and apparently Sunday)?

    Shortsighted dumbassery is the only thing I can think of.


    Good luck, guys and gals.

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    posted a message on Approval Process Issue

    We're on day three waiting for moderation on a very simple project?


    No response from support.


    No movement on project moderation.


    What the utter hell is going on at CurseForge?

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    posted a message on What game should CurseForge add support for next!

    I've been waiting a day and a half for review approval on a tiny WoW addon. I'd be happy if they just supported the games they already have.

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    posted a message on Approval Process Issue

    Seriously, guys.


    It's been more than a day?


    Has CurseForge gone out of business?


    Is a multi-day review process normal?


    This isn't some BigWigs thing with 40 related add-ons.


    It's a *.toc file and a small, single *.lua file.


    I may have to rethink using CurseForge as my primary release site if this represents normal service levels.

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    posted a message on Approval Process Issue

    I've had a project up now awaiting approval for longer than it took to write and test it.


    Is this normal?


    Surely it can't take a full day to approve a single-module AddOn.

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    posted a message on How long is the review process?

    Submitted my first addon since the new system went into place (many years).


    I was curious how long the review process is.


    Edited to add: I think I'll screenshot this for the next time CurseForge support sends me to the Community for an answer to a question.

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    posted a message on Aura Mechanics Applied

    Is there a way, short of a lookup against long, self-built table, to determine what debuff mechanics are applied by a particular debuff?


    I'd like a function that works something like this:


    function GetDebuffEffects(auraIDorName)

        effectTable = {["slow"]=false,






                               <continue list to completion>


         <code to determine which (including multiples) of those flags should be set to true and then set them>

         return effectsTable



    I'm not looking for a generic "has crowd control of some sort been applied" - I need detailed information because SOME crowd control can be broken and some can't and it varies from class/spec to class/spec which are which.  I need to be able to differentiate a ROOTED effect from a STUNNED effect, for example.


    I know, absolutely, that I can do this with a table that has the Spell Names as an index and the flag names to be set to true as a sub-table entry, but for use in WA custom triggers, that would be incredibly bulky and maintaining the list and applying updates everywhere it's been used would be a nightmare.  Stun alone has more than 450 spells by name and nearly 600 spells by id that apply that effect.


    I've waded through every apI documentation site I can find (none of which are current through 7.2) to try to find out if there is a flag or a value in any event or function related to spells, auras, or units looking for a trace of this, but I've found nothing.


    Any help out there?

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    posted a message on [Guide] New projects, and missing tags, branches, and trunk folders



    I thought this was something on your site - a repository here.




    I've been in and out of my folders for a month or two working on a couple of addons.  Sorry.  I was overthinking this terribly.


    I'll go away for a bit.  Lick my embarassment wounds.  Maybe come back later and see if there is a walk-thru for the API Token process.  I'm still trying to sort that out, too.



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    posted a message on [Guide] New projects, and missing tags, branches, and trunk folders

    "Navigate to Interface\AddOns, but not inside the \AddOns\ folder." 


    Any clue for those of us new to this system (but not new to coding) HOW or WHERE to do this navigation?  I've been searching this site for a week and I have yet to find the first hint of how to get there.  I can't tell if the lack of non-jargon-based "help" is intentional tech-snobbery or just the cluelessness that sometimes comes with people overly focused on a single aspect of technology.

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