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    Why won't the pops ups close when i use the "remove"/right click feature?


    In Arathi Basin(BFA version) because there are so many world bosses and rares I have issues during world PVP raids or even 5 player party windows being covered up by multiple NPC scan windows(2 or more). Multiple NPC scan windows end up covering up my raid frames. This would not be an issue if the NPC scan windows simply closed when I used the "remove" feature by right or left clicking(I cant recall which at this moment). As a healer that uses click healing on my raid frames and having half the raid covered up by multiple NPC scan windows with no method of removed said windows. Well, you can imagine the frustration. 


    I have the most updated version and keep Twitch up daily for updates. Why won't the NPC windows disappear when I click on the "X" or use the right/left click "remove" feature? 

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    posted a message on Simple cooldown timers, spell icons and bars over target and player portrait?


    I dont want a complete UI overhaul. I see this feature all the time on youtube. I simply want these types of bars and icons showing DOTs/debuffs over target portrait and a similar bar over my player portrait showing my cooldowns. 

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    Just wondering if there's any chance in hell you guys @curseforge kept any of those old WAR mods around? I know when some of my favorites disappeared from Curse when WAR was still live, CurseForge still carried those mods. 


    Now that the project has been reborn those old mods are very difficult to find. 

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