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    I was using Curse (Curse Premium) for my WoW add-ons for years.

    But thanks to the Twitch merge, the program is worse than trash for us WoW players.

    I formatted my PC, and wanted to install WoW again, with of course my mods synced. This was a very simple work for old Curse client.

    Now I had to somersault 5 times just to download the mods on my profile.

    Tried searching on Google with 10 different keywords, but couldn't even find a proper help.

    The only web page I got is the Twitch FAQ about this subject:


    But, no, not even this helped, and it looks like made for old Twitch app.

    In order to access the sync button, I had to install a mod before. Even so, the sync button doesn't allow us to sync our old profile.

    I searched everywhere on the app settings and app interface but there is no place to restore my old sync profile.

    It seems my old mod profile is gone, and I have download the mods one by one.

    And of course this shows sync option in Twitch app doesn't work and just an useless button there.

    I really really really really really really really hated this Twitch-Curse merge since day 1, and  it seems still broken...

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