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    I've seen a lot of posts on this, yet none of them have any sort of answers.

    After Importing the Mining/Herb notes I had from Gatherer, and adding the additional ones found on this forum, I now have about 300+ nodes per area .. That all show on the Minimap. There doesn't seem to be a way to limit how many show on the minimap, or add a range, or anything of the sort.

    Am I just missing this, or will I need to go back to using Gatherer for nodes?
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    posted a message on How do I use Cartographer Import?
    I managed to get this to work.

    You have to download the Cartographer Icon addon, AND The addons for Gatherer and/or MetaMap.

    You then have to put the Gatherer.lua or Metamap.lua (or both, depending on what you're importing) IN the Cartographer Import Directory.

    These .lua's are in your SAVED VARIABLES directories in the Wow/WTF folders.

    Log in the game - You should get SPAMMED with a ton of Cartographer Import messages. This is good - This means the things are catually getting imported. Check your Map. You'll probably see a bunch of Black Squares with Red ?'s in them.

    All that's left is to just ENABLE Cartographer Icon's. I didn't realize it didn't 'come' enabled. You have to go to your cargorapher menu, Click Icon Packs, and click Metamap and/or Gatherer. POOF! It works great. :)
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