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    Quote from misselaineous
    I downloaded the update today. Tonight in Highmaul I kept getting "Unknown combat log event type: SPELL_ABSORBED" spammed in my log. I've never had a problem with Recount before and want to keep using it. Is this a known bug? Are you working on a fix?

    Reinstall the addon, since it's caused by an outdated version or corrupted/old files.
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    Quote from dammiz
    My recount constantly spams:

    Unknown combat log event type: SPELL_ABSORBED. I tried downloading addon again but still get the same constant message spamming whenever in combat.

    Anybody have the same spam or know how I get rid of it? Any help much appreciated :)

    Outdated version, or corrupted files.
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    Quote from crymson
    With the latest version of Recount a new problem has turned up.
    Tracking of absorb shields is totally wonky. Comparing data between skada and recount and cross comparing the healing information with the damage done recount is counting absorb shields as heals when applied. It should treat only the used portion of the shield as healing but instead counts the entire shield as full healing done. The result of this is disc priests can spam shields on an entire group and come out with 50k hps and three times the total heals done of the incoming damage from the fight. It's pretty ridiculous to see a priest heal 3.5 million damage during a fight in which the boss only inflicted 1.1 million total damage on the group. This is just providing imaginary validity for some really obnoxious behavior from some bad disc priests.

    I've always been a fan of recount and really don't like having to run both recount and skada but if the only accurate data is coming out of skada then thats the way I'll hafta go.

    The addon should only count absorbed damage from shields, if it counts absorb application for you then you might have a corrupted addon.
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    Hey guys, quick question what would be your preferred way to display Multistrike damage in WoD?

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    I could do it for you, with the proper image files, exept from the stars and skulls, but with class colored nameplates. But you have to edit into TidyPlate itself too.
    Like i made a custom TidyPlate theme called Aloft (because it looks just like my old Aloft nameplate addon), with modified fonts, timers, textures and deduff timers:

    Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/?6g559484vdw89kw
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    Its not that hard to make, as a custom sexymap skin.
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    Yes, but that doesn't mean that i can't find translators for it.
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    A simple, light-weight addon that plays Unreal Tournament 3 sound effects on killing blows and specific Battleground events. You can share your killing sprees and deaths with any other addon user, to make battlegrounds/battlefields and world pvp much more fun.

    Supported Battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, Strand of the Ancients, Isle of Conquest, Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, The Battle for Gilneas, Eye of the Storm.

    Supported Battlefields: Tol Barad, Wintergrasp.

    Supported Scrolling Combat Text addons: MikScrollingBattleText, SCT, SCTD, Parrot, Blizzard SCT.

    Supported Client versions: Addon supports any client version from 2.4.0-4.4.0.

    Slash Commands

    /ps - Show status.
    /ps pvp - Switch between PVP and PVE mode.
    /ps emote - Enables or Disables Emotes completely.
    /ps emotemode - Switch between Emote and Chat Message mode.
    /ps deathmessage - Enables or Disables Death Messages.
    /ps killsound - Enables or Disables Killing Blow sounds.
    /ps paysound - Enables or Disables Payback Killing sounds.
    /ps multikillsound - Enables or Disables Multi Killing sounds.
    /ps bgsound - Enables or Disables Battleground sounds.
    /ps killsoundengine - Enables or Disables Sound Queue System usage in Killing Sounds.
    /ps bgsoundengine - Enables or Disables Sound Queue System usage in Battleground Sounds.
    /ps datashare - Enables or Disables Spree and Death Data Sharing and Recieving with raid/party/battleground members.
    /ps sctmode - Enables or Disables Scrolling Combat Text integration.
    /ps frame'framename' - Name of the output frame in the supported Scrolling Combat Text.
    /ps sctengine - Enables or Disables Scrolling Combat Text Queue System usage.
    /ps multikillsct - Enables or Disables Multi Kill Scrolling Combat Text usage.
    /ps hideservername - Enables or Disables hiding the player's server name from Data Sharing and Death Messages.
    /ps channel'channelname' - Switch between sound channels ('master', 'sound', 'music', 'ambience').
    /ps test - Scrolling Combat Text and sound test.
    /ps reset - Reset the counter of Killing Blows and the Payback- Retibution- Sound- and the Scrolling Combat Text Queue System.
    /ps help - Show the slash command help.


    Looking for (itIT), (poPO), (ptBR), (frFR), (deDE), (koKR), (esMX), (ruRU), (zhCN), (esES), (zhTW) localization translators.


    Beta testers


    This product was not developed by, cannot be supported by and is not endorsed by Epic Games, Inc. For more information on Epic GamesÂ’ Unreal Development Kit (UDK) please visit www.udk.com.

    Curse link:
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