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    I've been trying to learn how to make minecraft mods. I'm pretty basic at it.


    Can anyone recommend me programs to use to learn code. And some tutorials on how to learn like the coding language or whatever it is. (Yeah I know nothing but want to get into it)

    If you want to DM me, my discord is Rocket#3079

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    So this is my Death Note gamemode Idea, I don't know how to code this so I'm asking for help! Rocket#3079

    -The Death Note.
    Make death note, a book that kills players when you write their true name (Not username) The death note can only kill people of heart attacks. And you can set the time of death of a person. You can set a death up to two hours and minimum of 40 seconds. Having no time of death will default to 40 seconds Example, Nayori Sakura 60 minutes. Example, Max Million (Texture can just be a normal book and quill)-A hidden name system. A system where when you first log into the game you must write a true name. This is to prevent otherplayers with the death note to just write players usernames, ultimately killing them without having to see another player.

    -Green and red name system.
    When a green player kills another green player they become a red player. However if a green player kills a red player they will still stay a green player. This is to ensure who is dangerous and untrustworthy on the server. (This does not take effect if someone kills another player with the death note, this is because this was not direct).

    Have a role given at the start of the game. Civilian, Detective and Kira.

    =Kira One person is given the death note randomly, however if there is more than 25 players there is a 33%* chance of another player being given the role of Kira, so theres a 33%* chance of two Kiras in a lobby.

    =Detective One player is given the role of detective, they are given (Either a block or a magnifying glass*) this tool allows the wielder the ability to read other players true names.
    =Civilians Civilians are average players.
    *This icon means they are subject to change

    -Role extras.

    Roles only effect the start of the game. Lets say if Kira was killed by a Civilian. The book drops in their inventory.This will make civilians carry on with the Death Note.If Kira gets the detectives power, they are allowed to use it and will make Kira more dangerous. (Vice versa)This is to ensure the game continue after Kira dies. (This is an experiment as we have no idea how to win the round).

    -Proxy chat and replay mod Just have proxy chat and replay mod plugins in the game. Just a better experience for what I am looking for.

    -Death boxes.

    When a player dies they leave behind a gravestone with their inventory accessible. This is to prevent the Death Note despawning when a player dies of natural causes. Reading a gravestone will only read a players True name

    =Optional: We give the detective a way to read gravestones and see the time of death and cause of death.

    -Eyes of a shinigami

    Kira at the start of the match will be given two options. The first option is no eyes. This means they only have the death note and have to find ways to figure out other players names. However, the second option... The eyes of a shinigami. Allows the player to right click or punch other players and open a GUI of their true name. I want this to have a punch animation so you can tell if they read your character information. They will be kicked out of the GUI if they are hurt by any means. The eyes also have another effect. They can see other players health bars (Toggleable) But they can not see the health bar of another person holding the death note. (They can still read the other Kira's name though) This disadvantage of having the eyes of a shinigami, is that your health bar is halved. Instead of 10 hearts you have 5 hearts.

    -/start command

    I want to have a /start command where it runs the match, chooses who Kira is. This is so I can get everyone on and then run the command. I dont think I explained this very well. If you have questions please contact me.

    -One life

    I want every player to have one life, but I want the server on easy mode. This is because I want players to kill players but not die to the environment. I don't want an important character to die to a skeleton.

    -Crafting recipe: Death note page

    Shears and the Death note will give the player a page of the book, this allows you to write only one name.

    -No playlist/leaderboard (the tab thing) or chat on

    Just adds more mystery and removes that one friend who types who it is before dying

    -ID books, all players spawn with a book with their true names in it

    If you are interested in helping me with this please contact me on discord Rocket#3079

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