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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Here's my current UnderHood wishlist:

    1) Bars that can deplete any direction: left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top EDIT: Just noticed that this is already supported with the "Underhood" style bars.
    2) Alpha settings per element (i.e. my health bar could have one set of alpha conditions, my portrait another) rather that global only
    3) More alpha conditions (including macro options)
    4) Expose all the anchor settings for positioning, instead of just center anchor. Ability to anchor to any UI element, using any two anchor points.
    5) Drag-positioning (with sticky frames for bonus points)
    6) Aura filter settings per aura element rather than global only
    7) Borderless bars
    8) Option to show unit tooltip on mouseover of interactive elements
    9) XP data provider
    10) Lag indicator on cast bars (then I could dump Quartz!)

    Here are the current bugs that are driving me crazy:
    1) No-border portraits still have a border
    2) Unchecked elements still appear; have to delete them to get rid of them for reals
    3) Importing a profile imports not just the custom elements in the profile, but also a whole slew of default elements that I don't really want. Usage example: I set up my perfect HUD on one char, and then want to use it on another char. Elements from the default HUD that I deleted in my perfect HUD on the first char then appear after import to the second char.
    4) Z-order settings seem a bit messed up. If I have some text that I want to appear on top of a horizontal bar at all times, just setting them both to the same strata with the text at a higher level doesn't work--the bar is always on top of the text. I have to set the text to a higher strata.
    5) Bar colors don't change for hostility/tapped/etc conditions unless the unit is deselected and selected again. i.e. if a friendly or neutral unit becomes hostile, the bar stays green or yellow (or whatever) until the unit is deselected and selected again.
    6) This might not be a bug: Aura tooltip text is static and doesn't update for aura countdowns.

    I am already using UnderHood as my main HUD, so none of the above is in any way in the spirit of complaining. It's a great HUD--please keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Anadale, this HUD's coming along quite nicely. Please keep up the good work.

    May I make a feature suggestion?

    It would be wonderful if horizontal bars could deplete left-to-right OR right-to-left instead of the current right-to-left only.
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    Quote from pquayle »

    not sure if it's a possibility or not due to some of the restrictions blizzard has for combat, but something I've wanted to see is a bar mod that has its visibility tied to combat/non-combat situations. ie hides when in combat, displays when in combat. Simply because I really don't need to see the minibar,bagbar and bar with my crafts when I'm in combat and even sometimes the pet bar. I'm sure there is a workaround when the shift/alt/ctrl modifiers get implemented, but thought I'd see what the possibilites would be for this feature.

    Bongos, Trinity, and Infinibar all support combat/nocombat show/hide. I can't remember whether it's easily done in Bartender or not.
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    posted a message on InfiniBar-2.0 - Official Thread
    Hi jj, great work! Loving this bar.

    This was in your "planned features" section from your original IB2 announcement in the old IB thread:
    # Anchoring a button group to another chosen frame (including other button groups) so moving the anchor frame moves the button group with it.

    Is this still planned? If so, when might we see it? Not demanding, just curious. I would love this feature to death.
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    Quote from thegriffgeeks »

    I know what it looks like, I have it installed. Just want the text on my worldmap too because LocationFu only gives info based on your current zone and level...we agree to disagree...

    I understand now. I missed the fact that you wanted this info for other zones than the one you were currently in. :)
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    Quote from thegriffgeeks »

    Doesn't include the fishing info (or at least it didn't). All info in locationfu is what is recommended for your lvl, not what is available in an area. Maybe zone info isn't useful to you, but for the forgetful types like myself, that refresher when I mouse over it on the map is nice. I'm sure the Mapster crew can make it toggle-able so you can shut it off (or movable, or modifiable) if you want.

    Attached is a screenshot from the current version of LocationFu. I think all the information you're referring to is in there. Don't get me wrong, I think Mapster should have the feature for those who want it, I just am pointing out an alternative to use in the meantime, if you want to dump cartographer.
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    posted a message on Altoholic - Official Thread
    Bug report:

    Altoholic appears to update its bank items cache only on bank open. This is a problem because it doesn't account for one's removal or addition of bank items.

    Scenario: My character has 60 wool in the bank. She goes to the bank and opens it, and Altaholic records the 60 wool. The tooltip for Wool Cloth now reports that I own 60. Now I remove all 60 into my bags and close the bank. The tooltip for Wool Cloth (and the counts in the Altaholic interface) now reports that I own 120: 60 bank, and 60 bags, which is obviously incorrect ;). Now if I open my bank again and close it, it appears that Altoholic updates its bank items cache, and the tooltip correctly reports that I have 60 wool in my bags.

    I could be way off base on the cause, here, but the steps to reproduce listed above should at least display the behavior.

    Again, thank you so much for all the hard work on this most excellent addon. It is one of (and I'm being serious here) the most exciting addons I've had the pleasure of using in a long time.
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    posted a message on Mapster: Official Thread
    Quote from Tatia »

    I hope some one is working on a Quest and ZoneInfo modules for Mapster as there the only 2 chart modules along with notes i have running.

    At least for ZoneInfo, have you thought about using LocationFu? Personally I prefer that approach because it keeps my map nice and clean. I always hated Cart's enormous zoneinfo text.

    Just a suggestion until the features you want are added...
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    posted a message on DaHud - Heads Up Display
    Just coming on to chime in on the portrait issue. For some reason after a reloadui (including the initial load at game launch) the portraits are blank. Going into config and unchecking+rechecking the plugin for the portrait type you're using fixes it.

    This problem seemed to appear around the same time that the plugin code was solidifying, perhaps it's related?

    DaHud is my main hud at this point specifically because of the portraits, so looking forward to this being fixed. Keep up the wonderful work!
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I apologize if this has already been discussed (I don't have time to read 57 pages) but I have a suggestion:

    Right now, to create a new category, specific items must be dragged into it. It would be totally amazing if Autobar supported something similar to (or exactly the same as) ArkInventory's "rules" system, where one can code up rules based on a simple evaluation syntax. Then one could assign a rule to a specific Autobar button, and Autobar would present the items satisfying the criteria in the rule in the button in question.

    Keep up the good work! I love Autobar, it's changed the way I use items in WoW forever.
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Just wanted to post to say that this is a completely amazing HUD with tons and tons of potential. I think that when it's fully baked it is going to set the new standard for HUD flexibility and configurability--it's like the HUD version of Pitbull, but without the annoying, ill-conceived, awful configuration process.

    Keep up the good work. Even though there are still some bugs, this is now my primary HUD.
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    posted a message on FuBar - QuestsFu
    Hacked fix for the lightheaded integration problem:

    Make a backup copy of comments.lua
    Replace entire contents of comments.lua with the following (use WordPad)
    local VERSION = tonumber(("$Revision: 54590 $"):match("%d+"))
    local QuestsFu = QuestsFu
    local QuestsFu_Comments = QuestsFu:NewModule("Comments", "AceHook-2.1", "AceEvent-2.0")
    if QuestsFu.revision < VERSION then
    	QuestsFu.version = "r" .. VERSION
    	QuestsFu.revision = VERSION
    	QuestsFu.date = ("$Date: 2007-11-13 21:58:00 -0500 (Tue, 13 Nov 2007) $"):match("%d%d%d%d%-%d%d%-%d%d")
    local tablet = AceLibrary("Tablet-2.0")
    local quixote = AceLibrary("Quixote-1.0")
    local dewdrop = AceLibrary("Dewdrop-2.0")
    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("QuestsFu_Comments")
    QuestsFu_Comments.lname = L["Comments"]
    QuestsFu_Comments.desc = L["Display quest comments"]
    function QuestsFu_Comments:OnInitialize()
    	self.db = QuestsFu:AcquireDBNamespace("Comments")
    	QuestsFu:RegisterDefaults("Comments", "profile", {
    		lightheaded = true,
    		data = {},
    		strata = "HIGH",
    		minWidth = 300,
    		maxHeight = 800,
    	self.menu = {
    		name = L["Comments"],
    		desc = L["Display quest comments"],
    		type = "group",
    		args = {
    			lightheaded = {
    				name = L["LightHeaded"],
    				desc = L["LightHeaded"],
    				type = 'toggle',
    				get = function() return self.db.profile.lightheaded end,
    				set = function(t) self.db.profile.lightheaded = t end,
    				disabled = function() return not (LightHeaded and LightHeaded.IterateQuestComments) end
    			strata = QuestsFu.strataOption(self, 'QuestsFu_Comments', 1),
    			maxHeight = QuestsFu.maxHeightOption(self, 'QuestsFu_Comments', 2),
    			minWidth = QuestsFu.minWidthOption(self, 'QuestsFu_Comments', 3),
    			--This one will look a little weird on the tablet right-click menu, as it'll be duplicating native functionality. But it's totally worth it to stop people complaining.
    			lock = QuestsFu.lockOption(self, 'QuestsFu_Comments', 4),
    function QuestsFu_Comments:OnEnable()
    	if QuestsFu:IsModuleActive('Details') then
    		self:Hook(QuestsFu, "ShowLog")
    		self:Hook(QuestsFu:GetModule('Details'), "Update", "UpdateQuestDetail")
    function QuestsFu_Comments:OnDisable()
    	QuestsFu.toggleTablet('QuestsFu_Comments', false)
    function QuestsFu_Comments:ShowLog(object, questid)
    	--self.questid = questid
    	self.hooks[object].ShowLog(object, questid)
    	if questid and LightHeaded and LightHeaded.IterateQuestComments and self.db.profile.lightheaded and QuestsFu:IsModuleActive('Details') then
    		self:ScheduleEvent(self.Update, 0, self) --Schedule an event because tablet bugs out otherwise.
    function QuestsFu_Comments:UpdateQuestDetail(object)
    	local detail = QuestsFu:GetModule('Details')
    	local function urlClick(url)
    	local function npcClick(npcid)
    		if QuestsFu_Comments.npcid == npcid then
    			QuestsFu_Comments.npcid = nil
    			QuestsFu_Comments.npcid = npcid
    	local function addNpcLocs(cat, id, name)
    		if LightHeaded:LoadNPCData(id) then
    			for c,z,x,y in LightHeaded:IterateNPCLocs(id) do
    				cat:AddLine('text', '|cFF0066FF['..x..', '..y..']|r', 'func', LightHeaded.OnHyperlinkClick, 'arg1', LightHeaded, 'arg2', 'lhref:zcoord:'..c..':'..z..':'..x..':'..y..':'..name, 'indentation', 10)
    			cat:AddLine('text', L['Location unknown'], 'indentation', 10)
    	function QuestsFu_Comments:Update()
    		if not tablet:IsRegistered('QuestsFu_Comments') then
    			tablet:Register('QuestsFu_Comments', 'detachedData', self.db.profile.data, 'cantAttach', true, 'dontHook', true,
    				'hideWhenEmpty', true, 'showTitleWhenDetached', true, 'strata', self.db.profile.strata,
    				'minWidth', self.db.profile.minWidth, 'maxHeight', self.db.profile.maxHeight,
    				'menu', function() dewdrop:FeedAceOptionsTable(self.menu) end,
    				'children', function()
    					-- Much of this was taken from LightHeaded itself.
    					if detail.questid and LightHeaded and LightHeaded.IterateQuestComments then
    						local title, level, tag = quixote:GetQuestById(detail.questid)
    						local previouslySelectedQuestIndex = GetQuestLogSelection()
    						local lhQid = LightHeaded:GetCurrentQID()
    						for qid,sharable,_,reqlev,stype,sname,sid,etype,ename,eid,exp,rep,series in LightHeaded:IterateQuestInfo(lhQid) do
    							local cat = tablet:AddCategory('text', L['LightHeaded Info'], 'columns', 1, 'wrap', true, 'justify', 'CENTER')
    							cat:AddLine('text', L['Quest ID: ']..'|cffffffff'..qid, 'func', urlClick, 'arg1', '[url]http://www.wowhead.com/?quest='..qid[/url])
    							cat:AddLine('text', L['Shareable: ']..'|cffffffff'..(shareable and L['Yes'] or L['No']))
    							cat:AddLine('text', L['Level: ']..'|cffffffff'..level)
    							if reqlev ~= '' then cat:AddLine('text', L['Required Level: ']..'|cffffffff'..reqlev) end
    							if stype ~= '' and sname ~= '' then
    								if stype=='npc' then
    									cat:AddLine('text', L['Starts: ']..'|cFF0066FF['..sname..']|r', 'func', npcClick, 'arg1', sid) end
    									cat:AddLine('text', L['Starts: ']..'|cffffffff'..sname)
    							if sid == self.npcid then addNpcLocs(cat, sid, sname) end
    							if etype ~= '' and ename ~= '' then
    								if etype == 'npc' then
    									cat:AddLine('text', L['Ends: ']..'|cFF0066FF['..ename..']|r', 'func', npcClick, 'arg1', eid) end
    									cat:AddLine('text', L['Ends: ']..'|cffffffff'..ename)
    							if eid == self.npcid then addNpcLocs(cat, eid, ename) end
    							if exp ~= '' then cat:AddLine('text', L['Experience: ']..'|cffffffff'..exp) end
    							if rep ~= '' then
    								-- Might want to do an inline category here with columns...
    								cat:AddLine('text', L['Reputation:'])
    								for name,value in rep:gmatch("([^\029]+)\029([^\029]+)") do
    									cat:AddLine('text', '|cffffd100' .. name .. ' - ' .. value, 'indentation', 10)
    							if series ~= "" then
    								cat:AddLine('text', L['Quest Series:'])
    								for step,id in series:gmatch("([^\029]+)\029([^\029]+)") do
    									local name = LightHeaded:GetQuestName(id)
    									cat:AddLine('text', '|cffffd100'..step..'|r: '..name, 'indentation', 10)
    						cat = tablet:AddCategory('text', L['LightHeaded Comments'], 'columns', 1, 'wrap', true, 'justify', 'CENTER')
    						if LightHeaded:GetNumQuestComments(lhQid) then
    							for idx, qid, cid, rating, indent, parent, date, poster, comment in LightHeaded:IterateQuestComments(lhQid) do
    								cat:AddLine('indentation', indent*10, 'text', ("|cFF66FF66[%s - %s - %s]|r"):format(poster, date, rating), 'wrap', true)
    								cat:AddLine('indentation', indent*10, 'text', comment, 'wrap', true)
    								cat:AddLine('text', ' ') -- spacer.
    							cat:AddLine('text', L["No comments found..."])
    						cat:AddLine('text', L["Comments are all from WowHead"], 'hasCheck', true, 'checked', true, 'checkIcon', 'Interface\\Addons\\LightHeaded\\images\\wh_icon', 'func', urlClick, 'arg1', '[url]http://www.wowhead.com'[/url])

    That works for me.
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