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    Yea, there are so many issues and problems. Funny, that they are working on it so long (counting from time when they announced future new platform).


    I on my own spend some time of hard work with http://zschocianow.pl/ (and currently some large extra modules, not yet publicly available), basing on graphic project (as I just can't imagine some things, I am not graphic). Moreover - the previous site was Joomla 1.5 (now it's latest WordPress) and about 450+ post to even rewrite to make them look aesthetic (the website administrator is just so ignorant, why they paying him so much for nothing...). It take me most time on content, website is simple layout tested on old machines and browsers and I think it's fine. Fast, elegant, simple.


    You should take it as example how to create website that will satisfied many people.

    And the most important - read every single character (even dot and space) of given feedback. You asked for it, we did it seriously, use it for make professional service.

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    Important thing:

    Make your website non-JavaScript friendly as kunda wrote.

    I mean basic things like WYSIWYG is not loaded, so place plain `<textarea>` tag inside `<noscript>` and make message "Loading editor..." appear by JavaScript, so it will be no visible for non-JavaScript user.


    Of course, there are very small amount of non-JavaScript people, BUT there are devices that doesn't support it and some people are not enought experienced to enable it back themself.

    Key to create website working well with and without JavaScript is mainly use `<noscript>` tags which are pretty easy to use, sometimes `<noscript>` CSS file to change hidden things to visible, make something display block etc. and the most important - use JavaScript only if really needed. You could sometimes use plain CSS and HTML to create good supported things.


    Don't think about CurseForge as "it's only for computer purposes" - maybe someday you will expand to other sectors? Or there are people that sometimes prefer to check something on another device - for example answer some addon's feature request when lying on bed?

    When you help them get better experience, they will like you more. Personally I am annoyed when have to use well known website on mobile or with veryyy old PC - usually it's just impossible to do something fast and with some kinds of websites, it just make me change for example news' website.


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    Some general feedback from me:


    1. I marked top level list elements as numbered, but it displays as bullet (perhaps because child level is bullet). Why?
    2. White icons are invisible on buttons.
      Also good idea is create CSS icon sprite or even more - create own font (like Genericons in WordPress) for often used icons - it's easier to change their colors, less HTTP requests, but it won't work on very old browsers (however could be then displayed part of text).
    3. Quote jump doesn't work.
    4. Lightbox image browser is very old and unsupported. Check on landscape on mobile (by the way, sadly that website is not responsive).
      I suggest Magnific Popup. It's very good image browser. And when change you haven't change classes etc. just delegate from <body> to .lightbox
    5. What's going on there? I had 3 avatars. Deleted one old and now that's the bug:
    6. Plain comment, so for what those line breaks in notifications?
    7. "Source" link tab should be opened in new tab instead in active (target="_blank").
      The same for "Donate". For all external links. You would keep users on your website, aren't you?
    8. Add possibility to add multiple issue tags at once - for example comma separated list.
    9. I added comma separated issue tag and deleted it. When trying create it again, I got:
    10. "p:last-child" margin 0 won't apply to issue description due importanter rule:
    11. When creating issue I have only textbox to write tags. I created before "bug", so typed in ticket "improvement". But it won't saved. The same after edit ticket.
      I think that you would give reporters possibility to create own tags. If yes, good idea. If no, add multiple <select> dropdown to choose created tags.
    12. Convert Latin letters in URL slugs to equals non-Latin like WordPress. I would make nicely Polish documentation in Runes of Magic in future.
    13. Broken project report (comment report also):
    14. Remove 5px margin-top of "Cancel" post's edit when float: right
    15. Make our platform localizable. I can't wait more from those some years to see it in Polish! (Of course translated by me. CurseVoice in Polish looks worse than Google Translate -.-)

    This list will be updated.



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    As I am developer and translator, I would to localization system were easy and friendly to use.

    As reported in #74073 ticket, there are still missing some important things.


    1. No visible space mark on end and start of file. Additionaly, I can't select that space on end of phrase!
    2. Reminder about "Non Latin Unicode characters are temporarily not allowed.".
    3. How can I mark as reviewed phrase that I translated myself?
      Have I edit it and uncheck "Needs review"? If yes, this is uncomfortable.
      • Also I would can bulk review translations. Sometimes as translator I prefer review translation only after see it in game.
    4. Would option to change translation's author, even bulk option.
      Sometimes I import old translation and would honor their authors if they are on CurseForge.
    5. I would have possibility to import translation with namespaces like this with Simple Table:
      { Tooltips = { AddonName = "This is addon name.", }, Gui = { CloseButton = "This is close button.", }, }
    6. DONE Still can't filter translations by translated values. E.g. "Hallo Welt" in German
      http://wow-beta.curseforge.com/addons/230947-localization-test/localization/languages/37/namespaces/all/phrases?filter-phrase-name-search-method=1&amp;filter-name=Hallo Welt&amp;filter-status=1&amp;filter-phrase-translator-search-method=2&amp;filter-translator=&amp;filter-translation-status=
    7. Add "Translator" key with all language's translators on export. It would be nice to honor translator in game. For Example Runes of Magic's addon AddonManager gives possibility to register translators and present them.

    That's all at the moment. List will be updated.


    Except these things, localization system looks clean. I like it.



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