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    posted a message on Getting into writing addons for WoW. Need active author community to ask many questions.

    Hello there, fine people!


    I would like to dip my toes into modifying and writing new addons for WoW.  I've done some lua authoring for another game so I have a very vague idea of it's nuts and bolts but I have absolutely no idea concerning WoW's functions and libraries. 


    I've done some Googling and found WoW's macro forum, WI's very seldom used addon forums and Curse's forum, which seems populated more by people having problems using addons as well as some poor souls unable to view their private messages.


    So I ask: What's the best place you've found to learn about WoW's functions, as they relate to writing addons as well as a place to ask questions concerning the creation of addons?  I'm not even able to find a compendium of any kind concerning the functions we can use in addons.


    Any help on what to read and where to ask questions would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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