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    Quote from anea »

    Last but not least, I hope to have solved the issues that mac-users were experiencing with the included libraries.

    I did an unzip -l earlier this morning and saw that the paths were fixed. Thanks for taking care of this!

    -- Scorpie
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    Hello Anea,

    I had posted a comment on curse, but suddenly all postings after July of 2007 seem to have disappeared.

    Thanks for your addon. I have been enjoying it, but noticed a problem when I use the Macintosh version of WoW Ace Updater, and wanted to let you know about it.

    SpamSentry is the only one that WAU gets confused of the 20-odd AddOns I use. I am getting directories like libs\AceDB-2.0 which prevent the dependent libraries from being seen. For now I've written a simple shell script do the appropriate renaming.

    I just did a unzip -l on other AddOns, just to see what was different and it seems the SpamSentry zip files have mixed directory characters. The dependent libraries are all back-slashed, although other directories are forward slashed. Other AddOns seem to either be all forward or all backward slashed directories. I use a program called "unison" to keep my AddOns folder synchronized between my main Mac and a couple of PCs, and the backslashes kept causing failures.

    At any rate, I am able to work around this for now, and thanks again for a great AddOn!

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    I first want to thank Nymbia for an addon I now use every day.
    There's one problem I'm encountering:

    I play WoW on 3 machines (not simultaneously), and I use a
    Unix tool called unison to copy my SavedVariables files
    (and AddOns) between the machines. It's served me well for
    nearly 2 years now. The problem is that each machine has a
    different screen resolution (due to video card issues, etc).

    One is 1280x1024, another 1280x960, and my "main raid" machine,
    1650x1050. Is there any way to make the settings relative to the
    screen size? I know the default cast bar always ends up in a
    similar location, so I'm assuming this is doable. (It also messes
    up my alignments with VisualHeal, but that's another story.)

    My present workaround is to set up 3 profiles with the graphics
    resolution as its name. I have to take that extra step to remember
    which profile to use on the Mac, or the PC. I tried searching the
    forum and only found one other person (who got no answer).

    Thanks again for a great addon, and thanks in advance for your help.

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