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    posted a message on Grid2 incoming spells & non-debuff raid boss spell awareness functionality

    Taking a chance here since the last post I saw was from '16...


    To get straight to the point I'd like to have Grid2 tell me when Onxyia is casting 2 second flame breath or 3 second, 8 yard fireball (somewhat similar to the incoming heals functionality), so that I can Power Word:Shield the main tank or fireball target a few milliseconds in advance, and also tell me when a raid member has been hit by the instant cast Wrath of Ragnaros so that I can ease their landing and chase them down to help them out of lava if necessary (somewhat similar to debuff awareness, but instant cast non-debuff spell instead).  I'm using these as examples but this would apply to a multitude of raid situations.  


    I was able to get a custom debuff in place for the Baron Geddon living bomb, since the debuff section of Grid2 allows custom spells to be added, but i'm having difficulty figuring out how to handle a boss casting a timed spell or instant spell, without necessarily targeting a specific player while casting.  


    Any idea on how to get this into Grid2?  



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