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    Feature Request: Improved Range Status

    Would like to request for a more robust selection of range status by providing a status for each entry found in the GridRange.lua ranges table (plus one which is out of visable range too).

    Currently I've modified the attached GridRange.lua and GridStatusRange.lua so it can show the following:
    <= ~18yards: Blue (bandage range, i dont need this range but might be useful for others)
    <= 30yards: Green (decursing range)
    <= 40yards: Yellow (healing range)
    <= visable: Red + 0.7 alpha (visable range)
    > visable: Black + 0.5 alpha (out of visable range)

    Unfortunately I do not know how to code it appropriately into a mod that is able to provide a dynamic status selection based on the entries in the table ranges; which would vary for different levels and classes.

    Would greatly appreciate if someone could figure it out.
    Thank you.
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