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    Quote from StormFX
    Someone please do something with it or something similar since SUF is no longer an option. >.<


    SimpleUnitFrames is alive and well (and I myself am quite happy that it is).
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    posted a message on Dominos - A main actionbar replacement
    I'm rather fond of "Mangos", myself. It's simple, sweet, organic (fundamental)... sort of like how I think of the addon. :)

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    posted a message on Look 'N' Feel Transparency
    This is completely an intuition thing... can you verify that you are running the game at 32-bit color depth?

    Other than that, I gots nuthin'.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater 1.9.44+ Official Thread
    The crashes begun yesterday (Wednesday) for me, as well. I'm using Vista 32-bit.

    Perhaps coincidental, but at least on my end, the problem appears to have started after the latest round of Windows security updates (which my system picked up and began installing Tuesday night). WAU has been, heretofore, very solid, and no other changes (apps, drivers, hardware) have occured on my system.
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    posted a message on nQuestLog
    I'm not sure if this is a bug or an intended function, but the locking of the details frame does not persist thru subsequent reopenings. I can view the details of a quest, lock and close the frame, and the lock would be gone when I review the same quest.

    Observed with r56158.
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    posted a message on FuBar HeyFu - A Whisper Tracker v1
    Wow, so some wishes can come true -- and fast. Thanks for the addon, can't wait to try it when I get home from work this evening.
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    posted a message on Blizzard hardware maint losing friends/ignore lists - addon help?
    I have been using InfiniteIgnore (http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-1656-1-infiniteignore.html).  It maintains its own ignore list as saved variables data.  (Too, at the beginning of every session, the addon checks your Blizzard-provided ignore list, and moves any entries it finds there to its own database.)

    It completely bypasses the use of the Blizzard implementation. There's nothing to "restore" after the hardware maintenance.  Just backup the addon data files in your WTF folder.

    I can't help you with friends list, though, as I don't use it.

    EDIT: InfiniteIgnore 2.0 adds Chronos support.  Suffice to say, I didn't bite.  I continue to use version 1.4, which continues to work.
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    posted a message on Idea: FuBar_HeyFu (Whisper tracker)
    A FuBar-based addon that remembers up to n unique tellers and their messages.

    Whenever there is an outstanding whisper to respond to, HeyFu displays a single (blinking?) flag on the FuBar.

    Hovering the mouse on the flag displays a tooltip listing. Each row in the listing specifies:
    1. The name of the message sender
    2. Text of the message (truncated if need be)
    3. Number of minutes since the tell was received.

    HeyFu would offer the following functionality thru its menu:

    "Read" option (opens a submenu)
    * Displays a clickable list of whisperers
    * Clicking on a list entry causes that whisperer's message to be output for review (e.g., to the default chat frame, or an independent, free-floating text window).

    "Reply" option (opens a submenu)
    * Displays a clickable list of whisperers
    * Clicking on a list entry initiates a whisper to that sender in the chat edit box.

    * Clears the whispers list

    The user can reply to a whisper either thru the HeyFu menu, or by manually using /r or /w.  When the user sends the reply, HeyFu deletes that sender's entry from its list.

    HeyFu should consolidate multiple whispers from the same sender: HeyFu's listing should always show a list of the n most recent unique senders.  If a particular sender transmitted multiple whispers, then when directed to play back the sender's message, HeyFu should output the concatenated text of all the sender's whispers.

    HeyFu should persist the collected information across sessions.  HeyFu can have a user-configurable trim feature that shaves off tell entries older than x number of days, at every session start.
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    Quote from lacindas »

                if self.db.profile[ChatFrame2] then

    Perhaps this?
    if frame:GetName() == "MyRightJustifiedChatWindow" then

    Replace "MyRightJustifiedChatWindow" with the actual name, of course.
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