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    Need a little help her.


    First of all.

    It's first time I'm trying to make some grapic interface to a addon, so I'm new to this.


    The problem.

    When the text is changing it just overlapping the old, what am I doing wrong here ?


    local f = CreateFrame("Frame");
    f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
    	if (event == "ZONE_CHANGED") or (event == "ZONE_CHANGED_INDOORS") then
    function TestZoneFrame()
        local f1 = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent, "TooltipBackdropTemplate");
        f1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", UIParent, "TOPLEFT", 40, -40);
        f1:SetSize(200, 35);
        f1.tex = f1:CreateTexture(nil, "ARTWORK");
        f1.tex:SetColorTexture(0, 0, 0, 0.2); -- black, 20% opacity
        f1.title = f1:CreateFontString(nil, "OVERLAY", "GameTooltipText");
        f1.title:SetPoint("TOP", 0, -10);

     Anyone there can point me in the right direction ?

    Thanks. :)

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    In reply to Ketho17:

     Thanks a lot, will try the Discord. :)

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    Just made a post and it got marked as spam immediately when I clicked "Post Reply", not even 2-3 sec after, when it popped up for me it was marked.
    Any idea on why and how to unmark it ?


    Link to post: My post

    And a image is attached here.


    Thanks. :)

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