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    Ok now I understand what you mean.


    I guess Protection 6+ or Looting 4 or so could work but would it change much... Sure with Looting 4 you'd get better changes of say certain drops instead of all or just higher chance than 3 to make it interesting. But how to make it different so it enforces you to use it over commands (if likely) would be a challenge. So people that use commands don't prefer 99 or so when 4 might be 99 instead or something.


    That or not just allows 4 & 4 for make protection 5 and 6 and so on, unless you mean that. Which could work but would be tedious and would need more with maybe challenges or recipes not just enchantments combined all the time I guess to make it interesting.

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    @5nuffles Fabric 1.14.3 has a mod for keeping the 1.14.2 God War enchantment stacking that was removed in 1.14.3 Vanilla if you want.


    In terms of mods that do that but with a Tinkers/tool mod like logic I don't know off the top of my head. There is tinkers like mods for 1.14 and Fabric (I specialise in Fabric so sorry if I bring it up a lot) like Materialisation or Tool Builder but for enchantments (or a tinkers like enchantment system) I'm not sure if those exist yet.


    Protection Renewal (the god armour enchant stacking mod)



    Tool/Tinkers like mods





    To go back on track though that would be interesting to see with more put into it for the tool like tinkers to make a difference. Might see that happen or might just have to wait for Tinkers in 1.14/1.15 to get that. Still will keep an eye on this since it's interesting.

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    posted a message on [CONCEPT] [1.13+] Global Datapacks

    Good call I guess, no clue if they will add global datapack support (I think MCP has datapack support already but I don't know in what way, I'm no developer), but Fabric has data loader for global datapack support and some Fabric mods use datapacks while Forge (no matter the state it is in) doesn't seem to be ready for support like that any time soon so we will have to wait and see. At least one modloader is ready instead of none. Forge will get it's stability and be it's proper self again but for now it's not going to be ready at the moment.


    No clue how long Forge 1.14.2 will be until it's finished since 1.13.2's wasn't and 1.14.2 is just porting/working out things as they go yes but for what exists now use that and wait for the other to be in a proper state instead of public beta for much longer.





    I know it's no server properties setup this mod, just a global datapack folder for the client, but ask the fabric team and they may be able to help with a server with mods and datapacks. The All of Fabric servers I think run both Fabric mods and datapacks I think, since I've not come across any of the mods having an more achievements aspect so I'd assume it's a datapack on the server globally.




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    posted a message on Brown mooshrooms could breed with red mooshrooms mod request with 1-2 other things about it!

    So instead of a Horse/Donkey situation it's more like a rare breed or a sheep wool like thing maybe where you get the combination of what their wool is like (not sure if that's a thing but it is or something like that could be possible then ok I guess, I don't know how to end this part).


    I did miss you saying you knew about the mod, my bad, a lot to read, thinking too much about what to say, not a lot I processed there, my own fault, apologies.


    I'd not be PMing Asie, I'd be forwarding the idea to the dev team and seeing if the developers are interested to pick it up. I'll link the thread here over there. Just did now.


    I saw the screenshot, looks good.

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    posted a message on Brown mooshrooms could breed with red mooshrooms mod request with 1-2 other things about it!

    By Horses, Donkeys and Mules, I meant a mixed breed, which Mules are a mix of Donkeys and Horses. I thought that was clear enough and that it seemed like the closest to what you were meaning/a thing that exists in the game already/wouldn't be confusing compared to pulling a random non-existent similarity out of my hat.


    A 1.12.2 mod could exist since some developers that make current updates features into mods for past versions. I'd say ask some of them and see if they are up for the challenge. I don't remember the mods names right now but there is a few out there if I remember correctly.


    If you don't want to register with Discord that's perfectly fine and I can respect that. I only use it due to covering Fabric mods heavily on Youtube mostly (besides helping a datapack dev), I don't use it for much else really and wouldn't even bother with it since I don't really need it.


    Asie is the creator of Fabric yes, they are just focusing on Fabric to give devs options, but there is many devs porting to Fabric that support 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 Forge/Rift or 1.14 Fabric but it depends on the developers.


    I'll pass the message on to them once I drop by again today and see what they think but otherwise if it's for 1.12.2 your best to ask one of the devs that does newer update features for past versions.


    After just looking for a Brown Mooshroom mod or update features that are backported before ending off this comment, I found this Brown Mooshroom mod already, try asking them I'd say and they might add the feature your looking for. I already put up my comment there just encase but if you want to expand on your thoughts besides me just linking this thread and a bit of brief explanation then go for it:


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    posted a message on Brown mooshrooms could breed with red mooshrooms mod request with 1-2 other things about it!

    So like a situation similar to Horses and Donkeys making a Mule but with Mooshrooms, you'd be able to shear both red and brown mushrooms or get both when defeating them maybe.


    And the use for the Roofed Forest makes sense and I think that's a good idea. I'd like to see a mod like that.


    You could request it to the 1.14 Fabric modding team if you want and see what they think (as Brown Mushrooms are a 1.14 thing after all), you can respond to them on their Discord here: https://discord.gg/v6v4pMv

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    posted a message on I'm looking for a Vanilla style Mod

    I know this comment was a while ago but oh well.


    Things I'm confused about:

    1.Mojang are getting that to happen over time even if ridiculous lengths between a wooden button and a wooden sign being implemented but this is due to IDs, sure 1.13+ doesn't have this restriction anymore but it was an difficulty to add such blocks, also they want to add a variety of content for all players not just builders, otherwise mods already do add variants or have other woods that do this sort of thing giving you many options.


    WHY! add so much unnecessary blocks just for decoration when performance (technical stability of the game) or lack of purpose is the one thing that will cross my mind. Since I'm in the 1.14 modding community though I know 'Blockus' or 'FabriBlocks', maybe even 'Extra Pieces' cover the other blocks having walls, stairs, fences and other features your looking for. But not EVERYTHING! I'm not sure.


    2.Why? Sure golem mods exist but using other blocks? You do realise just adding Golems doesn't mean they will do much, they need a purpose, an Iron Golem is tough and melee focused, Snow Golem is projectile with snowball, you need a purpose, just adding them to the world with simple AI is pointless, if anyone did that in a game I think they would have questions. If it's for a coding projects then they would be ok with it, otherwise, what purpose will they serve? Just like the All of Creepers mod I came across recently in 1.14 since it had updated they have Cookie Creepers, Furnace Creepers, Water & Lava Creepers, they are creepers sure but they have a purpose not just a visual look and simple AI.


    I'd check out some of these golem mods here if your interested though:



    3. If you want that go to the Painting mod, you can paint any block, button, stairs, door, pressure plate and more (left the search option for other options since I might not know all of them but some might be useful).



    4.As in fake versions to be used for trolling people? I can't think of anything else this would be used for. No clue if a mod like that exists or not. There might be but I have no clue.


    5.Players can already do this with commands, they do it all the time in adventure/puzzle/parkour maps. Or are you after the ability to create ones you want with mods? I don't understand this request at all. Otherwise you'd have Youtuber head mods I think and that's about it.


    6.Player Rugs? I have no clue what that even means. Rugs with players skins on them? Or a player's colour scheme?


    Things I'm not confused about:

    7.Obsidian Boats I have wanted since they were an April Fools joke for the Love and Hugs update. This I'd love to see be a real thing but sigh. Iron Boats we have I think or Dingy-s but wooden boats I guess are the only other things that come about I guess. If there is an Obsidian Boat mod I don't know


    I found this Obsidian Boat mod for 1.7.10 and prior but otherwise they would be in other mods like I said with the Dingy or Wooden Boats:



    8.For Blast Resistance reasons I can see this being important, sure mods with Nuclear Reactors do this already (maybe ones with Missiles like IBCM might I don't know) but otherwise this I'd see reason in this but don't know of a mod that does this sort of thing even though I use Mob Griefing anyways.



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    posted a message on A Mod to cancel world Creation or loading

    If they can make a world kill option successful I'm be open to it, if not I'm not too sure.

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    posted a message on A mod that lets you raid villages alongside illagers, because always being the good guy gets boring.

    While it would be a good idea to expand upon or give more challenge, you can just kill the villagers and let the illagers win if you want you don't have to save the villager, and I don't know if you get an effect for the village losing or I'm just confusing the Bad Omen with another one that might not exist. But it's not required for you to save the villagers I'm pretty sure.

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    posted a message on Mods for Mob Transportation

    -'Ender IO' has vials but they require a bit to craft,


    -'AnimalNet' has animal and mob sized ones, you do have them consumed when you have used them from memory, I don't know about configs to tweak things though,


    -'Soul Shards' takes a bit of effort but is for mob spawners of the mobs rather than an item.


    Those I remember off the top of my head but there is a few others out there.

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    posted a message on Need help downloading mods

    Where are you getting your mods from? A mod repost site or curse?


    If you have difficulties, look for core mods/requirements for the mods your after to see if it's a situation like that that's stopping you from getting it working.


    Can you show a screenshot of the issue since I don't know if I've come across it before, if it's an error like a crash report then show that but if it states a core mod requirement or Forge needs to be updated then apply them and it should be solved, otherwise I'm not sure what the cause is here.


    Do you have versions in side your mods folder? Like 1.12.2, 1.7.10 or so to separate the mods that will be loaded for those versions of the game? If its a Forge 1.13.2 situation then let me know and I'll respond towards how do you things for it due to it's state and all unlike the others which differ slightly and that 1.13.2 Forge is unstable and for mod devs or mod testers NOT 'for modpacks ready'.


    Otherwise if your having trouble maybe try using MultiMC or Twitch to see what works there. Twitch will make things easier to install mods, get the core mods and so on for you and make setting up modpacks simple and achievable.

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    posted a message on JEI Addon Idea: Vanilla Recipe Book Style

    I think this is an interesting idea for integration and might work well with the new bookmark system also.


    Also as someone that has looked into REI (Roughly Enough Items) and how it does 'show craftable' it does that and what's in your inventory so well and better than the Vanilla Recipe Book does things since the Recipe Book is a research system more so than a craftables of all you have in your inventory.


    So it makes sense but due to what JEI and mods like it's goals are I can see that being interesting.


    Also as someone that thought the Recipe Book was a good idea I'd like to see mods add more alongside it even though I don't use it I'd love it to get some support for those that do.


    Seeing it for JEI for Forge environments over say Fabric (1.14 snapshot modding) or Rift (1.13 & 1.13.2 6 months+ before Forge 1.13.2 modding was a thing but a lightweight modloader so it differs on support, like Liteloader and possibly what exists to take Liteloader's place for 1.13+ since nothing has come about it since so many think Liteloader is dead) would be good like REI does. Just thought I'd point it out knowing how I've seen it done but would like to see it for JEI when I use Forge and mods in that environment over the other modloader alternatives options and concepts/features.

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    posted a message on Please, industrial craft ...

    I think asking the developers on their curseforge mod page or Discord or elsewhere you will get a better chance for them to see it. Either way, I think it's a great idea.

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    posted a message on mod that makes creepers friendly

    There might be one for 1.12.2 or earlier but I don't remember and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just part of the Love and Hugs update either that did a friendly hostile mobs type thing. I might be wrong though.


    Otherwise you'd just have to go with Peaceful mode and if you want drops from the mobs add the Killer Table mod (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/killer-table) or so to get the drops from hostile mobs but in Peaceful Mode if you don't want to deal with them but play the game or struggle to deal with them but just want the drops and not be harmed by the mobs directly.


    I feel like friendly hostile mobs has it's been done before at least, I just don't know of one unfortunately.

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    posted a message on [Mod Request]1.13+ Blocks/Items/Swimming for 1.12

    I'd say just wait until enough mods are out for Forge 1.13.2 for it to be worth it, it is in Public Beta after all and mod developers are still supporting Forge compatibility or so I think (not 100% sure though I've only done brief mod testing with Forge 1.13.2 mods since I focus on Rift 1.13/1.13.2 & Fabric's 1.14 snapshot mods mostly) or try the developers working on mods for Rift Modloader, some might be willing to try something over there possibly?


    What are you waiting for with mods for exactly? Like what types, or do you mean you want the 'big mods' or so to come to it which will take time of course? If you want certain mods of that scale like Aether Legacy then it's not stable enough but possible, other times datapacks or newer mods are just as good I'd say from my experience with testing them and not just to make things 'sound good or recommend them' but just from experience of course as someone that has been following them for a while now. As I document Forge 1.13.2 & uses Rift/documents mods for them on a Forum Thread due to no easy way to search/find the compatibility for them similar to Liteloader (not counting it's Forum or Site to find mods for) with Forge 1.13.2 mods crowding them I daily update the mods posted and can give people a direction for mods their looking for.


    You can take a look here for what I mean as it's a Thread for Mod Compatibility, Install Tutorials Of Rift and more to be as definitive as I can get it:



    Rift has been out longer then Forge 1.13.2 by about 8 Months, many mods from Forge and Liteloader have come to Rift after all, certain ones have gone to Rift due to Forge not offering things like Dynamic Lights & Finder Compass even. But once Forge 1.13.2 is ready enough it will be good enough for people to jump onboard, players and certain developers even if 90% do go to Forge obviously.


    Thinking for a bit though, what do you want really? Swimming in 1.13, easy, block and items what do you mean? As in stuff related to it that's modded and unique? Aquarius has you covered even for being very small and adding blocks, tweaks and more. Can you be more specific? Or do you mean as in bringing those from 1.13 to 1.12.2 which it does sound like but isn't too clear to me even though I've come across mods that do this for say 1.8 to 1.7 or so on with some around 1.10 to 1.9 or something.


    Here is the Rift Discord if you want to make a request:


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