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    I've been getting this error and I'm not sure if it is LibBabble that has the issue or not, but I thought I would report it :)

    2008/03/24 11:18:20-498-x1]: 
    LibBabble-Zone-3.0\LibBabble-Zone-3.0.lua:65: LibBabble-Zone-3.0: Translation "Trisifal Glades" not found.
    AckisRecipeList-0.66\RecipeDB\ARL-Vendor.lua:139: in function `ARL_InitVendor'
    AckisRecipeList-0.66\AckisRecipeList.lua:1179: in function `AckisRecipeList_Command'
    AckisRecipeList-0.66\ARLFrame.lua:448: in function <Interface\AddOns\AckisRecipeList\ARLFrame.lua:433>
    AckisRecipeList-0.66\ARLFrame.lua:548: in function <Interface\AddOns\AckisRecipeList\ARLFrame.lua:548>
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