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    I was asked to post here about the encountered issue, so even though I made a ticket (#153), I'll post here as well:

    A Parent's Disabled state is not inherited by its children (or SubGroups) when the SubGroup is not active at the time of disabling the Parent in the Masque options. Additionally, when the Parent is disabled, the options page for the SubGroup is disabled as well, even though the skinning for the SubGroup happens anyway (since the SubGroup is not disabled).

    This is probably only a noticeable issue for AddOns that dynamically create (or allow the user to create) button groups, like WeakAuras.

    As far as I can tell, forcing this inheritance in the Group's Update function solves the problem.

    A patch is attached to ticket #153. Diff:

    --- a/Core/Groups.lua
    +++ b/Core/Groups.lua
    @@ -363,6 +363,9 @@ do
     						self.db.Inherit = false
    +					if db.Disabled then
    +						self.db.Disabled = true
    +					end
     				if self.db.Disabled then
     					for Button in pairs(self.Buttons) do
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