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    posted a message on CF is being over bearing

    I know this place s dead and nobody cares but:

    Uploaded 17 mods, 14 approved, 3 rejected.

    All files uplaoded using the same structure, abiding by rules etc etc.


    Several emails back and forth getting what can only politely be descibed as dumb responses like

    "you need to upload a jar file, we only accept jar"
    "you need a better desciption"

    "some other unsuitabel CF nonsense blah blah"

    No problem, maybe an automated response issue, but nope, after 6 emails (tickets whatever) i finaly gave up- delete the projects and re-uplaoded, then i get an email.


    "We see you have deleted your project, would you still like it authorised?"

    ^^ and with the other bable, it clearly reads as a sarcastic take the piss reply from a staff member.


    Not happy.


    Now all files get blocked, i am black listed for calling out CF's whack system, it costs money for me to waste my time dealing with stuppid back n forths that shouldn't even be occuring.


    And now curseforge just block every upload.


    Upload a Mod called "Disable Water Pushing player"


    get a reply "the description needs to be updated"


    Really - becuase you cannot ascertain wha tthe mod does from the fing title?- nor the description that says




    - This is clearly an overbearin g and intentional block of files from CF and its staff members, there are several THOSUAND examples of files on CF that have crap desciptions, no desciptions, mods that don't even work, people double dipping, Mod jar files that only contain a text file that links somewhere else, people copy pasting files and re-upping.




    My life seems to be riddled with this complete nonsense - it is unfair treatment and i hate the internet, people and now CF becuase of it .


    So thanks!





    i never agreed to allowing CF to withhold files and not actually dlete them and i never agreed to having to be coerced into logging in to twitch every time i want to use CF. It is dumb and twitch is too.


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