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    posted a message on AceComm-2.0 v16427 and TBC
    For some reason when I activate this part of the Library it stops the ability to use macro's

    Heres what I did.. I activated only the Ace2 Library..
    I created a simple Macro
    /cast Demon Armor
    Put it in my action Bar..
    With AceComm activated the Macro would not work while in Combat would work out..
    With AceComm de-activated the Macro worked in/out of combat..

    did a little more digging and using DevTools-BC Beta by Iriel

    and I am seeing CastSpellByName() is being blocked....

    so is this how its suppose to work? why does it only do it with AceComm activated? I even tried older verisions up to 15484 and same thing...
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