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    posted a message on A Desperate Plead For Help From A Fellow Builder. Please. I beg you. Time Is Of The Essence

    Hi, I'm Toxic_Sid, the senior server moderator and head builder on Apocgaming.org. We have been up and running for 9 years- 10 this spring. We have two days to finish our new medieval castle spawn, and we're trying to get as many others that know how to build fluently and efficiently as we can. We don't expect you to stick around and stay (although thats cool too), but we just need help finishing it as the other builders retired a few years before and like I said, it's a time crunch. If you can lend a hand, even if its briefly, that would be amazing. Whether its guiding, detailing both exterior and interior, landscaping, pathway designing, building in and of itself, or even editing and fixing things, any help would be appreciated. But please, serious. inquiries only. This is a Time Sensitive build. Thank you. My discord is: Toxic_Sid#6036

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