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    "Rowne: If a variable isn't in the function parenthesis or doesn't have local behind it, it's global."

    the control variables in for statements are also automatically localized. I still see addon authors declaring their control variables as local before using them. why?
    a = "volkswagen"
    for a = 1,4 do
    print(a) -- will print numbers
    print(a) -- will print "volkswagen"

    I read all of class 1. my brain melted. Not because I don't get it - I already understand Lua and -most- of it's concepts. However, even knowing how this stuff works - the deep underlaying mechanics of tables - Rowne TOTALLY confused the shit out of me. I'm not surprised some people didn't grasp it. Some examples: Someone brought up the topic of anonymous functions (but didn't know what to call it). Rowne should have stopped the conversation right there to explain it because it's one of the critical underlaying principles that make objects work in lua. Also, the syntatic sugar of the colon operator could have been explained a little better. If I didn't understand it already, I'd still be completely confused about where "self" comes from - but more importantly, why.

    I will make an attempt to attend these.

    edit: rereading my own post, I sounded bitchy. I didn't mean to. Honestly, I just want to help.
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    How hard would it be to do something like

    if CD == "40x" and HD == "raptor ultramegazordsuperfast" and HS.FreeSpace == "googleplex megs" then


    Seriously, how long does it take to burst rip a CD or DvD to an HD compared to asking the file system of a CD to handle a gazzillion small files?
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    I can't remember mine. I'll list what I remember.

    {CAN'T play without}

    {Won't play without}

    {The rest}
    auctioneer <-- thinking about trading up to Turan's...
    ultraactions <-- i think that's its name. I don't actually use it - all I use it for is to show the keybind key on the new default extra hotbars
    Exiled's Fury <-- my own private, unreleased collection of tactical macros
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    Quote from "Random" »
    Where can I get the EditPlus 2 lua interpeter?
    No, i meant I'm using edit plus, and i'm also using the lua interpreter that i downloaded from lua.org (i think that's where i got it... let me check... Ah yes, http://lua-users.org/wiki/LuaBinaries is where i got it.)

    The interpreter doesn't interface with editplus that I have found.
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    I'm using Editplus 2 together with the lua interpreter itself for testing. I'm also using LuaUnit to try to learn XP style coding, and use a simple batch file to launch testing.
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