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    posted a message on Updating JewelTips
    Guessing Siz is no longer around since JewelTips hasn't been updated in 2+ years.

    Any chance we can get somebody to put in the data for Cata/MoP or at least give me some info on how the data.lua file is formatted because there are some things I don't understand in the layout and when trying to add several things they simply don't work
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    posted a message on Daily quest tracker
    Not something to auto-accept/turn-in but to track the available dailies and which ones have been done. for example: Golden Lotus - list the available dailies for that group/hub/whatever and once you accept and then complete it checks it off. This would be of great help as I can never seem to remember to do them all now that they are scattered everywhere and there are a ton of them.
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    Hoping that this addon, or a similar addon, is put up for MoP.
    I havent found anything that is comparable to this for my use as of yet and if somebody knows of one by all means point it out (i've tried a ton.. including raven and such)
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    posted a message on bRez - Simple Rebirth tracking
    Thought blizzard stated that all forms of reviving a dead player during a raid encounter would consume 1 of the available ones in each fight. Including Soul stones, Ankh and battle rez

    in our raiding this is the case, and for 10mans only 1 can be used per attempt regardless of what type. Once one is used anyone else trying to use another gets a notice saying that you can't do that in combat.
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    I havent found anything like it yet, and I don't think anyone will pick it up to fix, which is a shame.. one of the oldest and most favorite addons I had
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    posted a message on Fast Disenchant issue
    Thanks, I already have the updated info for whats in the game, only thing missing is the epic gems

    -- Wrath of the Lich King Gems
    [36923] = true, -- Chalcedony, low blue
    [36932] = true, -- Dark Jade, low green
    [36929] = true, -- Huge Citrine, low orange
    [36926] = true, -- Shadow Crystal, low purple
    [36920] = true, -- Sun Crystal, low yellow
    [36917] = true, -- Bloodstone, low red
    [36918] = true, -- Scarlet Ruby, red
    [36933] = true, -- Forest Emerald, green
    [36927] = true, -- Twilight Opal, purple
    [36930] = true, -- Monarch Topaz, orange
    [36921] = true, -- Autumn's Glow, yellow
    [36924] = true, -- Sky Sapphire, blue
    [36934] = true, -- Eye of Zul, epic green
    [36928] = true, -- Dreadstone, epic purple
    [36919] = true, -- Cardinal Ruby, epic red
    [36931] = true, -- Ametrine, epic orange
    [36922] = true, -- King's Amber, epic yellow
    [36925] = true, -- Majestic Zircon, epic blue
    [46849] = true, -- Titanium Powder
    -- Cata Gems
    [52195] = true, -- Amberjewel, yellow
    [52194] = true, -- Demonseye, purple
    [52192] = true, -- Dream Emerald, green
    [52193] = true, -- Ember Topaz, orange
    [52190] = true, -- Inferno Ruby, red
    [52191] = true, -- Ocean Sapphire, blue
    [52180] = true, -- Nightstone, low purple
    [52181] = true, -- Hessonite, low orange
    [52177] = true, -- Carnelian, low red
    [52179] = true, -- Alicite, low yellow
    [52182] = true, -- Jasper, low green
    [52178] = true, -- Zephyrite, low blue

    -- Wrath Enchanting
    [34054] = true, -- Infinite Dust
    [34056] = true, -- Lesser Cosmic Essence
    [34055] = true, -- Greater Cosmic Essence
    [34053] = true, -- Small Dream Shard
    [34052] = true, -- Large Dream Shard
    [34057] = true, -- Abyss Crystal
    -- Cata Enchanting
    [52555] = true, -- Hypnotic Dust
    [52718] = true, -- Lesser Celestial Essence
    [52719] = true, -- Greater Celestial Essence
    [52720] = true, -- Small Heavenly Shard
    [52721] = true, -- Heavenly Shard
    [52722] = true, -- Maelstrom Crystal

    -- Inscription stuff
    [39151] = true, -- Alabaster Pigment
    [39343] = true, -- Azure Pigment
    [39334] = true, -- Dusky Pigment
    [39339] = true, -- Emerald Pigment
    [39338] = true, -- Golden Pigment
    [39342] = true, -- Nether Pigment
    [39341] = true, -- Silvery Pigment
    [39340] = true, -- Violet Pigment
    [43108] = true, -- Ebon Pigment
    [43109] = true, -- Icy Pigment
    [43105] = true, -- Indigo Pigment
    [43106] = true, -- Ruby Pigment
    [43107] = true, -- Sapphire Pigment
    [43104] = true, -- Burnt Pigment
    [43103] = true, -- Verdant Pigment
    [61979] = true, -- Ashen Pigment
    [61980] = true, -- Burning Embers
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    posted a message on Fast Disenchant issue
    I know the addon is outdated, but upon logging in you get the following

    1x FastDisenchant\FastDisenchant.lua:141: attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value)
    <string>:"*:OnLoad":1: in function <[string "*:OnLoad"]:1>

    self = FastDisenchant_Frame {
    0 = <userdata>

    Was hoping it would be a simple fix of a change made in cata
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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    it wont be in the text/tags, it's in the bar section.

    Enable bar, color bar by %, etc. Text/tags are just that, the text and tags for the text.
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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    I'd really like to see some kind of options for the eclipse bar for balance druids. Option to change/add text, color the bar a solid color across based on current direction/power being collected, only show it when in moonkin form and such.
    But, whenever/however you can get it figured in compared to the others. And I can't thank you guys enough for picking this project up and keeping it from dying
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    delete your sv file and start over, the errors leaves when you wipe out the sv file, it's a ticket and already reported. It'll be fixed if/when it can.
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    posted a message on Raven: Auras, Cooldowns and Notifications
    It's possible I missed this somewhere in the past 17+ pages, but is there a way to get buffs/debuffs stacked and extending downwards with buffs on top, followed by a spacing of x pixels and then debuffs, constantly moving downwards as new ones are applied?

    such as this
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    posted a message on ChocolateBar, do you like chocolate?
    This still being developed? issues with 3.3.5 (libjostle related mostly)
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    posted a message on SmartRes2 Official Forum
    Anyone else having an issue with the anchor not staying hidded after logging out and back in?
    I was having a problem where the bars would reset to the top right of my screen no matter what I did, so I wiped the config file and restarted, and now the anchor is always on when I log in or reload.
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    posted a message on BigWigs plugin - Lanathel bite assist
    There are a few actually, Vamp and Blood Queen being 2 of the better ones.
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