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    I am a prior author of old Vanilla Honor tracker addons. Given the state of how Honor is tracked in WoW Classic, I wanted to revisit a honor tracker UI.

    For WoW Classic  

    My criteria this time was to stay away from plugins like my original Honor addon which was a plugin to Infobar and Titan Panel. So I looked around and stumbled upon this simple addon.


    All this uses for it’s UI is the existing Character Frame’s Honor Tab. If I could get this addon to work and understand how it replaces values on the WoW Honor tab, I could then start to incorporate my original addon’s honor equations.



    Given that the toc interface version number is older than Classic version number...i was hoping just updating the toc interface number would work. 

    But, each time I try to get this addon to run, it just removes the existing Honor Tabs contents....blanks out the numbers.

    Anyone able to take a quick look at the xml and see if there is something I can focus on to make this work? It is only 4 files. Very small addon.




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