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    My Modpack - Thermalized is an expert style modpack centered around the thermal series of mods, as well as being designed to specifically be played in peaceful mode. There are a few other mods added and customized to make the pack feel as complete as a traditional giant expert pack while maintaining less than 100 mods, with most of them being utility, and quality of life mods.


    The pack is in beta release, and needs some balancing to be polished. I myself am playing through it for the millionth time and I would really appreciate any of you leaving some feedback so I can continue to perfect the pack. Thank you !


    You can also check out my Youtube and Twitch where I'll be uploading related content soon if you so wish.

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    Hi I put a ton of effort into my new modpack and even though it's suited to my play style I would really like the input of the others to polish some things I think need balancing. If you would be so kind to check it out I would really appreciate it!


    Click here -> Expert Style Modpack based around Thermal Series

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