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    Hi Wowace,


    I took up maintaining GladiusEx, which shows friendly cooldowns. It currently uses cast-time spec detection, but I'm fairly sure there's a way to do better.

    On the wotlk version of PartyAbilityBars, I had written a nasty hack that'd keep a list of players it needs to inspect, and would use a InspectFrame in the background to trigger inspects. Upon receiving INSPECT_TALENT_READY, I'd then try to detect talents on the current unit (...that I had kept in a global value...).


    I definitely think "There has to be a better way!", so if someone has a trick, I'd like to know it :). Ty

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    This should probably be "advertised" a bit better for addon developers, at least, if people are not into discord? I only get to see this now. The forums look pretty dead :).

    As an anecdotal evidence, the starcraft mapping community switched some time ago to mostly-discord and it's been working well.

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