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    I've come across some interesting behavior in the HeadCount2 addon, that I actually saw previously mentioned in a thread but I never saw a resolution or fix posted.

    The issue that I'm having is that when I log on and start a raid (or even without a raid started) Headcount doesn't seem to be available. If I go to Interfaces > Headcount2 the only thing I see available is the "Debug" checkbox. However, if I log off this particular character and swap to another account (same computer & WoW installation) Headcount2 is there (skull icon, Enable Minimap Icon checkbox, frames with options, et cetera).

    What would be preventing me from accessing Headcount2 from one account but not the other, as they both reference the same WoW and WoW Interfaces folder? The toon I want to access this from but can't happens to be the guild leader/raid leader toon, thus the need for Headcount2 on this particular toon. Let me know what I might need to delete, modify or provide and I'll be happy to assist (I'm relatively computer competent if you need something specific).
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