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    posted a message on Twitch App displaying wrong version of game compatibility

    This may be important, some addons have multiple places that they are updated on.  I can tweet the Twitch gang to find out, but one of my theories is that for addons where Curse/Curseforge is not the primary upload place (WoWInterface, WoWAce being two off the top), the app can't access the ToC to update the version.  The other theory is that the author has enforced non-compliance simply because the author has denied the app access to the ToC file (it does happen in rare cases). This may be due to a refusal to accept change.

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    posted a message on Reminder!!!
    7.0.3 pre-expansion patch goes live tomorrow after maintenance. Please be sure to have release quality addons uploaded!
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    posted a message on y u no update all broker addons yet?!
    Most addons using LibDataBroker have NOT been updated to 4.3. When will the Lib and all related addons be updated to the new patch? I realize it's only been a few days, but I've come to rely on these addons.
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