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    Quote from Cybeloras >>

    I would very much like to see the forms returning as soon as possible. TellMeWhen had a tremendous amount of user-created content in its forums, and all that data is now just gone. Is there any way at all to access the old forms, or are there any plans to stand up at least a read-only version of them until they are migrated to the new sites? I have several people already who are really disappointed to see that everything they've contributed to those forums over the years is now gone.

     Very much this. I run a training guild and TellMeWhen is our go-to staple so that those learning can have the information they need to make the right choices. I'm shocked that it was removed.
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    I am also having the blank tabs in the Interface menu. My issue with this is that I've toggled on an instance that I do not want to auto-log; so now, I cannot toggle it off.

    Is there a work around? T.I.A.

    Edit: found the SavedVariables file and removed the instance. All good now, but would like to see the program updated. :)
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