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    posted a message on Twitch App displaying wrong version of game compatibility

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     Copied from my posts in another websites forum from 1 Aug 2019, so formatting may be a little off :)



    It's not a packaging problem, the Twitch client just isn't putting the correct Game Version in the Game Version column. It's been broken since an update they did around the time that BFA launched. Of the addons that I have installed, the ones that show the correct Game Version have that version stored in their local database metafile. All of the one's that are showing an incorrect Game Version don't have any data stored (ie. '"gameVersion": [],'). I could make a guess where they are pulling the info that they are showing from, but my post might get moderated if I do. :)


    They also haven't remapped the addon version info.

    old version info = "FileName", new version info = "displayName"


    I guess that's why it's showing the filename now ;)

    old filename = "FileNameOnDisk", new file name = "fileName"

    ("FileNameOnDisk" is still hanging around though and has the same info as "fileName")


    Well my guess was right, and while I don't particularly like js, I can use it if I have to. From their code

    t.getInstalledVersion = function() {
        return t.props.instance.installedData.installedFile.fileName

    it should be

    return t.props.instance.installedData.installedFile.displayName

    And their Game Version code filters an unordered list by release type, then just takes the Game Version from the last entry of the unordered list. So, basically, it could be any version of the game that has a release of the same type.

    t.getGameVersion = function() {
        var e = t.props.instance.addon.gameVersionLatestFiles && t.props.instance.addon.gameVersionLatestFiles.filter(function(e) {
            return 1 === e.fileType
        }) || [];
        return e.length ? e[e.length - 1].gameVersion : Object(m.d)("N/A", "InstalledAddon")

    On the plus side, they corrected the spelling mistake and it's now called "gameVersion" instead of "GameVesion" :D


    edit: Funny thing is, where they get the fileName attribute (again they should be using displayName) for the latest addon version, the game version is also there as an attribute.

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