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    Where do I find the SVN for this one? Figuring on including it in my addon via the .pkgmeta thing, but haven't been able to find out where this one lives, yet.

    Edit: I suck. Ignore me.
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    Quote from Tekkub
    Have you looked at the existing developer addons out there? You might not want to bother writing another, devtools or Spew, tekDebug, and TinyPad or similar should cover all your needs.

    I might do that, but having my own makes me feel all manly and whatnot :p

    Thanks for the tips tho!
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    I'm guessing I might have to manually split the string around dots should I want it to find something that's not on the floor of the global namespace? Regardless, I'll figure that out, but getting the global namespace reference was pretty much what I was after. Lifesaver!

    (btw, trying to run the function on _G directly turned out to be a lousy idea. I could not be bothered waiting for it to finish...)
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    I'm having a bit of an issue with my dev-aid addon (well, LibStub stub, technically)... I'm writing a bit of a console, as I got really tired of inserting and removing print()s to check what is going on in my functions when they don't behave as expected (it does happen occasionally, non?)

    Anyway. It's catching and printing output pretty fine, in fact, most of the time it works just like one might want. But then I have this function that I call DebugTable(table), which takes a table and outputs it... for instance, DebugTable(math) will output:
    [timestamp] table dump
        ["log"] = function: 0E187328 ,
        ["acos"] = function: (bladibladibla, snip)
    ... all nicely coloured and whatnot. It works great, too. Then I tried to tie it to a slash command... "/libcon dump math".

    The only way I've been able to do this so far is with this code block:
    if (cmd = dump) then
            local tbl = loadstring("return " .. arg1 .. ";") ();
    ... and this works. It does, true. But it feels... I dunno... sloppy. Unsafe.

    Does someone have a better, cleaner way of doing this? Or do I have to start writing "what if"-code to make sure my use of loadstring() doesn't end up shooting me in the foot?
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    My Omen stopped working today. The bundled Threat library works fine, but Omen is screwed on FuBar, throws lua errors when I try to click the fubar thingy for it... /omen says there's no such command, and there is no UI for it, either.

    I don't rightly know if Omen is to blame here... Prat stopped working at about the same time. Anyone got any ideas?

    The specific error seems to be: Interface\AddOns\Omen\Omen.lua: 154: attempt to index field 'Anchor' (a nil value)
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