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    I used to write mods in classic wow, but when 2.0 came out and the first round of Secure things were introduced, I just kinda dropped all my mods and never learned them and stopped thinking about modding.


    Now I'm back in Legion and interested in some of my old mod ideas, but I can't find any recent information about mod writing, except the following:
    1. 2.0 came with SecureUnitButtonTemplate and related Frames, which let you make buttons that... do stuff during combat (using fairly well-documented stuff)

    2. 3.0 came with SecureHandlers and related Frames, which... also let you make buttons that do stuff during combat, also using fairly well documented stuff I think?


    Were there any other major changes in the system? I haven't found anything in the last 4-5 years about new/interesting developments in wow modding.


    It sounds to me like SecureHandlers were a replacement for SecureUnitButtonTemplate/etc, but I can't find any mods that are using them for action buttons/etc. Am I misinterpreting what they are designed for? All the examples are "buttons that hide/show other buttons" and none that are "cause you to cast this spell." ...?


    Thanks. Just trying to catch up on the basics of how to do stuff. :)

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