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    WoWEquip already supports every gem/enchant in the game. You don't need them in your local cache for you to select any gem in the menus, the WoW generates the gem/enchant data on the client side.

    I will consider how to implement default gemming.

    Hum, why the dressing room is so shrinked when WoWEquip frame is show ?

    I've scaled it to 75% while it is attached to WoWEquip. I plan to add an option to change the size.
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    Requesting a 2nd threat warning threshold to be added please. :)

    It is so that it is possible to vary the rate of DPS based on whether we're above the 1st or 2nd threshold warning.
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    Quote from quaunaut »

    Damn Psychics stealing my obviously excellent addon ideas.

    Oh I don't know, its just something that has long been overdue. :P
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    WoWEquip (Beta 1.1)

    WoWEquip is an addon written by me in order to let people try on different gear and see their total stats and their differences when compared to something else, typically another set of gear.

    In short, an ingame CT-Profiles addon with some stats comparison to allow profile comparisons.

    You can get it right off http://www.wowace.com/projects/wowequip/ or using the Curse Client.

    (Screenshot of Beta 1.0)

    To use the addon after it is installed, use /wowequip to open the window. Alternatively, you can also open WoWEquip from the Dressing Room or the default UI's inspect window when you inspect others.

    To change gear, left click on an equipment slot, and search/select from the search results in the bottom right. You can also send any item to the Dressing Room (ctrl-click a link/item) to try it on in WoWEquip when the WoWEquip window is open. To change the enchant/gems on that gear, right click on an equipment slot and find the enchant/gem you want in the menus.

    Note that WoWEquip does not maintain any sort of item database, it only searches the items that exist in your local cache (items you have seen before since the last WoW patch), so if you can't find an item, get someone to link it to you or use Sniff or AtlasLoot Enhanced or something.

    The F and S buttons provides some simple Filtering and Sorting options. The % button toggles between showing ratings and percentages in the Summary. The C button lets you choose what to compare the current equipment profile to, either to your currently equipped gear, or to an existing saved equipment profile.

    The Copy Target button (the same button exists in the default Inspect UI window) allows you to copy a person's gear and see his equipment stats in WoWEquip as well as some Derived Stats when you scroll down. (Derived Stats meaning your total crit% gained from both agi and crit rating, etc from the gear.) There's a keybind you can add to inspect someone and you can quickly copy someone's gear and save his equipped profile to compare stats later.

    You don't have to show the dressing room, I have merely attached the Dressing Room to the left of the WoWEquip window only when both are visible on screen at the same time.

    WoWEquip is back for patch 3.1!

    Try on different gear and see their total stats and their differences. In short, an ingame CT-Profiles-like addon.

    Users of WoWEquip are encouraged to use the addon RatingBuster written by Whitetooth@Cenarius.

    WoWEquip is currently in beta status, and additional tweaks and features are being done to the addon to improve it.

    Note: This is an ingame addon and has no relation to the standalone EXE application called WoWEquip available at http://www.wowinterface.com/download...-WowEquip.html developed by Danya.

    WoWEquip does not work in my language!

    For WoWEquip to work in your language, certain translations to detect items of what type they are must be included. For the most part, many of these languages already have translations. However, Sigils were introduced with WotLK, and still need to be updated for many languages.

    Check if the LGII translation namespace needs to be updated for your language: (Translations for 6th and 7th return values (itemType, itemSubType) from GetItemInfo())

    Additionally, if the stat calculations of gear is incorrect or missing a few numbers, it is because LibItemBonus-2.0 needs localization updates as well to support your language. Please report issues of gear stats not being correctly detected at http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?t=11962


    You can help to translate WoWEquip into your language here: http://www.wowace.com/projects/wowequip/localization/

    • When the Dressing Room gets dragged offscreen, the model gets "flattened" (lol).
    Known Issues:

    • Dodge calculation isn't correct for any level/class but the player's (StatLogic).
    • Counterweights can be placed on anything rather than just 2h swords, maces, axes and polearms (WoWEquip).
    Bug Reporting/Suggestions:

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    posted a message on Could someone please point out what's wrong with this...
    		ItemExport.includeInventory = true,
    		ItemExport.includeBank = true,
    		ItemExport.includeTimestamp = true,

    You can't use a . there in the string before the = sign. Your code should be like this instead:
    		includeInventory = true,
    		includeBank = true,
    		includeTimestamp = true,

    This is because
    {["abc"] = 1, ["def"] = 2}
    is the same as
    {abc = 1, def = 2}

    {["abc.def"] = 1, ["def.ghi"] = 2}
    cannot be defined in the shorthand method as above.
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    Quote from Kelem »

    The first addons to get loaded


    If not mistaken, all 3 are Ace. However bug grabber probably does nadda as it loads no library

    WoW doesn't load addons in alphabetical order. It loads them in the order the operating system reports the folders in the addon folders, modified by the rules for dependencies.

    I think many people find that their addons do indeed load in alphabetical order only because they use a disk defragment utility, some of which are powerful enough to move files belonging to the same folder together into contiguous chunks and hence reordering the order in which they are reported by the OS.

    There are some cases where wow players have found that their addons load in the order of the addon folder's creation date.
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    What is the purpose of the "MailFrameTab_OnClick(1)" function call in function Postal_Forward:Reset() that is called on MAIL_CLOSED and PLAYER_LEAVING_WORLD in Internals\Forward.lua?

    As far as I can tell, all it does is make a very extremely annoying sound on every logging/zoning out (which is PlaySound("igSpellBookOpen")). Can this be removed?
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    Because I'm writing an addon using ItemBonusLib, I've got more things to report on the latest update (Revision 45520). Thanks for adding the swim/mount/run/resists etc patterns, was planning to request them too. :)

    "shield block rating" isn't parsed. You are trying to parse "shield block skill rating" instead in SKILL_NAMES[]. (item:31200, Shield of the Wayward Footman as a sample item out of some 40 items or so with this rating.)

    Primal Mooncloth three piece set bonus isn't being parsed.
    { pattern = "Allows (%d+)%% of your Mana regeneration to continue while casting%.", effect = "CASTINGREG"}
    Should be "Allow" and not "Allows".

    CR_RANGEDHASTE is defined twice in CombatRatingMap[]. The old value of 10 should be removed.

    In function GetRatingMultiplier(level), should "return 26;" for "level < 9" else level 1-9 gets more multiplier than level 10s . Also should be "level < 10" because level 1-9 uses the same value as level 10 (which is 26).

    CR_WEAPON_FIST = 2.5 isn't defined in CombatRatingMap[]. Unarmed is the same as Fist I think, and should have the pattern matching Unarmed to point to Fist. Not entirely sure on this.

    "Mithril Spurs" boots enchant is not parsed. Gives 4% mount speed. (Exact text given)

    "Minor Mount Speed Increase" glove enchant is not parsed. Gives 2% mount speed. (Exact text given)

    "Minor Speed Increase" boots enchant is not parsed. Gives 8% run speed. (Exact text given)

    "Minor Speed and +9 Stamina" boots enchant (Boar's Speed) is not adding +8% run speed. (Exact text given)

    "Minor Speed and +6 Agility" boots enchant (Cat's Swiftness) is not adding +8% run speed. (Exact text given)
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    Jerry, you broke the parsing of resilience rating. All patterns involving "Improves your resilience rating by %d." fail to parse now.

    Probably need to add in PATTERNS_SKILL_RATING an extra line for "Improves your (.*) rating by (%d+)%."
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    Quote from Jerry »

    Quote from Xinhuan »

    -- Threat gloves enchant isn't parsed for THREATREDUCTION.
    -- Subtlety cloak enchant isn't parsed for THREATREDUCTION.

    I need to now how it appears in a tooltip in game. The best way would be to post a link to an armory entry where a character is wearing an item that has the enchant.

    For threat to gloves enchant, it says "+2% Threat" on the tooltip in green text.
    For subtlety to cloak enchant, it says "Subtlety" on the tooltip in green text.
    No idea about other localizations of course.

    Description for the enchants themselves:
    ( from http://www.worldofraids.com/news/new-aq-enchants.jpg )
    Permanently enchant a cloak to decrease threat caused by the wearer by 2%.
    Permanently enchant gloves to increase threat from all attacks and spells by 2%.
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    Some enchants and skill ratings aren't parsed by ItemBonusLib. I've provided some itemIDs for samples.

    -- Surefooted enchant (10 hit rating) isn't parsed
    -- Threat gloves enchant isn't parsed for THREATREDUCTION.
    -- Subtlety cloak enchant isn't parsed for THREATREDUCTION.

    -- Unarmed Skill Rating is not parsed (item:27533, Demonblood Eviscerator).
    -- 2H-axes skill rating is not parsed (item:2907, 30722, Dwarven Tree Chopper, Ethereum Nexus-Reaver).
    -- Crossbow skill Rating is not parsed (item:28062, Expedition Repeater).
    -- Gun skill rating is not parsed (item:16007, 18296, Flawless Arcanite Rifle, Marksman Bands).
    -- Bow Skill rating is not parsed (item:17754, Infernal Trickster Leggings).
    -- Staff skill rating is not parsed (item:10411, Footpads of the Fang).
    -- Fist skill rating is not parsed (item:29947, Gloves of the Searing Grip).
    -- 2H sword skill rating is not parsed (item:30394, Sunfury Blade).
    -- 2H maces skill rating is not parsed (item:4548, Servomechanic Sledgehammer).
    -- Demon's Blood (item:10779) isn't parsed for HP5 regen.
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