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    OMG forums need to come back!! It was a horrible thing to try and get to them but they were gone. I counted on them to help me when I couldn't get something to work right. Ok so my favorite place to lurk was the Tell Me When forums as there was always awesome info there for 


    A side note would be creating threads in the current forums for the projects, if it's even possible. Though I know this would be a drawback in having it start out with nothing but if push came to shove, just an idea.

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    So I click the link for MoP and get the regular recount files. Am I supposed to download the alpha for 4.3.4 or am I supposed to be taken to a different page with totally different files?
    Thanks for your time and effort of a great add on.
    NVM used the link in the forums and got it. sorry
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