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    lol please... be civil anger never helps... really? that is always said by people who do stupid #$^% and then want to hide behind political correctness... if you break my $%$#% I'm going to get angry with you it is that simple.. and that is a normal reaction... insanity would be sitting there with a smile on my face... sooo...

    How about don't break my #$% and i won't get angry with you :) kk deal

    So... the twitch app breaks curse updates for WoW constantly... not ok... obviously it isn't a priority for twitch to fix (or it would have been done) which is a very unhappy thing :( TELLME WHEN particularly and now we don't have a space to talk either

    you wanted feedback... all glitz and glamour and sales crap (typical amazon) corporate greed > UX sad sad sad

    btw obvious misunderstood UX != pretty pictures... just so you know

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