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    Hey, just found this by accident. You should have asked on the DynamicCam or Immersion page.

    Here is the solution you are looking for:



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    After my pull requests to amend another author's addon have not gotten any reaction, I am now trying to publish my modifications as a plugin.


    One change I want to make is to change the description of one particular AceConfig-3.0 Options Tables entry:


    Code of the original addon:


    local optionsTable = {
      type = 'group',
      args = {
        someSlider= {
              type = 'range',
              name = "Some Slider",
              desc = "Description to be improved.",
              min = -10,
              max = 10,
              step = 1,
    LibStub("AceConfigRegistry-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable("otherAddon", optionsTable)
    otherAddon.optionsMenu = LibStub("AceConfigDialog-3.0"):AddToBlizOptions("otherAddon", "otherAddon")


    What I want to do is to change the description of the slider. I am able to access otherAddon.optionsMenu from my plugin. But how can I make that particular change?


    Thanks for any advise!

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